Myanmar Visa Exemption

Burma Visa Exemption

Have a look at the list of visa exemptions or apply now for a visa for your trip to Burma. Myanmar to grant free visas to Myanmar's citizens: Viet Nam and Myanmar sign visa exemption agreement. The visa-free system is only available at certain entry and exit points. Citizens of Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Myanmar Visa Exemption, Who needs a visa for Myanmar?

Generally, some Southeast Asian nations have reached agreement on a common visa waiver treaty. They are Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines and Thailand. Accordingly, people from these counties can visit Myanmar without a visa for 14 consecutive nights. Travellers still need a 6 months validity card and must go through the customs office for postage stamp sales.

The visa is only required for 14 nights, for a longer period a visa is required. It is advisable to go to an embassy in Myanmar or request an on-line e-commerce visa for a commercial visa and work-passport. Current: Since December Singapore Passport Holder can fly to Myanmar for 30 nights without a visa.

The Directive applies only to flights, crossings or cruises which require a visa before entry. In case your visa does not correspond to one of these 8 states, please make sure that you have applied for a visa before leaving.

Burma Vietnam Visa Exemption - Myanmar Forum

The Myanmar and Vietnamese authorities had initialled the visa waiver treaty, which will enter into force on 26 October. The message is that Vietnam Passes allow visa-free travel to Myanmar for less than 15 working day. In order to be eligible for visa exemption, the traveller must have a visa with a validity of at least six month.

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Burma Visa Exemption - Myanmar Tours

Today, Myanmar is enjoying its appeal as one of the most popular tourist destination in the run. As the number of Myanmar visa-free travelers continues to increase, Myanmar visa, especially Myanmar visa exemption, is always a priority. Most foreigners require visas to get to Myanmar, but some states, such as Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and the Philippines, are visa-free for about 14 or 30 day.

In order to encourage Myanmar as a tourist destination and long-term relations between Myanmar and its people, a visa exemption was today issued to make it easier for their travel. Now there are 9 ASCIAN states that do not require a visa to travel to Myanmar and 7 that include Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos and Cambodia have a 30-day residence period, except Indonesia and Brunei with a 14-day sojourn.

There are also those with non-myanmar visa-free embassies and consular documents, such as Bangladesh for 90 day stays, Balarus for 30 day stays, China for 30 day stays, India for 90 day stays, Russia for 90 day stays and Sri Lanka for 30 and more.

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