Myanmar Visa Delhi

Burma Visa Delhi

The New Delhi Place, Republic of India. I'm looking at how to apply for my Myanmar visa while I'm in Delhi. Union of Myanmar embassy. After trying to get our visa in Delhi, we failed miserably. Myanmar & Thailand Visa.

The Myanmar Consulates in Calcutta and New Delhi

Of all the messages I wanted to call, only the Kolkata consulate took the hands. I was told that they could not give me a visa (I use a British passport) for crossing the country. You said that if I wanted to use the country boundary, I would have to apply for my Myanmar visa at the Delhi embassy.

I' ve only been hearing from Tamu travellers who have received permission from Myanmar tourist agencies. You might want to know if they are available at the embassy. I' ve also sent e-mails to the embassies asking if the Myanmar visa can be requested in Delhi but it can be gathered / given out in Calcutta.

When this is possible, and the date of validity is the date of collection in Calcutta, then the visa has not elapsed before I drive from Delhi to Myanmar!

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