Myanmar Visa Cost

Burma Visa Costs

I understand the visa upon arrival in Yangoon is for business visas only. As we arrived, it was not possible to apply for a tourist visa. When you work (or need a work permit) in Myanmar, a business visa is only a choice as the tourist visa can restrict your activities. Go to How much does a Myanmar Tourist eVisa cost? The payment of the application fee does not guarantee the approval of a visa.


Myanmar is an extrem land. Perhaps the most prominent figure in and outside Burma is Aung San Suu Kyi, who was brought up in Britain and recalled to Burma years ago to guide the new Burmese upheaval. When you are looking for information about Burma, you will find a great deal of information, a great deal of good information, but also a great deal of old information that is no longer useful.

It is an up to date schedule of things to consider before you start your visit to Burma in September 2012. When traveling from Thailand to Myanmar, the best way to get your visa is to go to the embassy in Bangkok. You have two possibilities for a visa.

As I stood in line, I saw about three types running down the road to an cyber cafe to make a reservation for a next days plane ride to get the visa. Getting the express visa is simple. Message opens at 9:00. Just show your papers and come back at 3.30 pm to collect your ID with your visa.

To get to the Sathorn Nua Road 132 you can take the BTS to Surasak and go down Sathorn Road. In case you do not have your photo and copy of your identity card with you, there are two small stores near the Swiss border that specialize in applying for a visa to Burma.

One copy of the document is 5 Bahts and the photographs 200 Bahts. There you will also receive the visa and stickers & videos are free of charge. I understand the visa upon your arriving in Yangoon is for work only. It was not possible to get a visa when we got there.

So, you better get it in Bangkok or any other Myanmar consulate in advanced. We were worried about one of the biggest things before the flight to Burma was the moneys. We' ve been hearing a lot of things, they only take crunchy notes, no dollars older than 2006 etc.... I'll try to clear up some of the rumours.

When you want to be on the save side, you need to have new and genuine invoices. You will sometimes find someone to trade in your used bill for a lower currency quote. We' had a few older notes that were well-received. In order to be on the save side, you should take crunchy notes with you.

Rumors about the 2006 invoices are a falsehood, they agreed all our 2006 invoices, but do not try to transfer invoices older than of 2000. You often even agree to Euro, but mostly it is "10 US$ or 10 EUR", so you loose a great deal of cash if you use it.

You' d better get US dollar. We' ve received our invoices at the SuperRich Currency-ExchangeOffice. It' not far from the Swiss Post and they'll change your currency for free. If you trade there, tell them you're going to Burma and verify your accounts when you get them. Exchangerate was 850 MMSK to 1 USD. There was no change in the price.

Unfortunately, you will need to have all the cash you are planning to spend. Our exchange was in a dark green bench next to the May Shan at Alan Pya Pagoda Street, near the Sule Pagoda. Like everyone else, these boys have to earn a living and will try to fuck you over.

Use caution where you change your currency. Pay attention to ludicrous conversion charges of 10-20%. You can ALWAYS count your invoices after you have swapped them! Usually $100 notes, but it's convenient to get $100 in small notes. Often only USdolls are accepted when using a taxi.

It' convenient to have $1, $5 and $20 notes to bargain for a lower one. Negotiating a lower rate and end up with $100 could make your rider a little mad at you if you tell him you don't have any cash.... you can often end up buying in Kie.

What is my payment in Burma? They can be paid either in US Dollar or in Kyoto. You' re likely to find the best prices in Kyoto, as they round up in US dollar. When you have changed your funds in an informal location and have not kept your receipts, it is not possible to change your funds back.

It is therefore better to plan your funds and spend the remainder before you leave the state. Even outside the Netherlands you cannot change your currency. There is not much information about travelling expenses in Myanmar so far. In Burma for 7 nights. Lucky for me, because not all my memos were approved.

TravelRunPlay. dewilst Reisen durch Myanmar in January 2014 gathered the following prizes from Carina: Up to now I have contributed two articles about Myanmar:

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