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Myanmar citizens resident in the United States of America. Iranian detailed visa regulations, application. And Bangladesh and Myanmar," Wang said in the Chinese embassy in Dhaka. As in Nepal, Indian citizens do not need a passport or visa to enter Bhutan. Statement by Minister Field for the International Development Committee (IDC) on visas for Burma.

Two Myanmar reporters on the Rohingya crises have been detained in Bangladesh.

The Bangladeshi government should immediately free two Myanmar reporters who were arrested on September 7 and dismiss all accusations against them, the Committee for the Protection of Reporters said today. Reporters have travelled to the capital to cover the arrival of Rohingya people from Myanmar. Minzayar Oo and Hkun Lat have been accused by law enforcement of "false imitation" and "false information".

Cox' s Bazar policeman Ranajit Barua said reporters broke immigrant laws by covering tourism visa applications in Bangladesh, and they could spend up to seven years in prison if found culpable, the report says. Agence France-Presse was informed by the head of policing that the Bangladeshi government also charged Minzayar Oo and Hkun Lat with spying.

"Immediately release Oo and Hkun Lat and drop all accusations against them. It is important for both Lithuanian and foreign reporters who report on Rohingya history to be able to work freely." Myanmar's presidential spokesperson Zaw Htay today published a short message in which he says the Bangladesh administration is asking why they are holding them.

The Rohingya refugees: MEP Bangladesh alerts Myanmar to repeated violations of airspace during the crises

In Bangladesh, Myanmar has on several occasions charged Myanmar with infringing its airspace and cautioned that further "provocative acts" could have "unjustified consequences", increasing the danger of a worsening of relationships that had already burdened the Rohingya refugees mob. Almost 400,000 Rohingya Muslims from West Burma have fled to Bangladesh since 25 August to escape a Myanmar government rebel attack, which the United Nations has described as an "example of the textbooks of ethical cleansing".

In Bangladesh, the Myanmar UAVs and choppers breached its airspace three occasions between 10 and 14 September and contacted a top Myanmar ambassador in Dhaka to make a complaint. "And Bangladesh voiced grave concerns about the recurrence of such provocations and asked Myanmar to take immediate action to make sure that such a breach of independence does not recur," the department said in a declaration.

" Myanmar's government spokesperson said he had no information about the events that Bangladesh had been complaining about, but Myanmar had rejected a previous indictment. Myanmar's spokesperson, Zaw Htay, said Myanmar would review all information provided by Bangladesh. "During this period, our two nations are faced with a crises of refugees - we must work together with good understanding," he said.

The influx of Rohingya on the run from prosecution in Myanmar, where the Rohingya are considered irregular immigrants and nationality is refused, has been a problem in Bangladesh for many years. Already home to 400,000 Rohingya, Bangladesh was before the recent Rohingya rebellion broke out on 25 August, when about 30 policemen and an armory invaded and killed a decade.

Myanmar's military response was a violent and incendiary effort to drive out the Islamic people. The Bangladesh has said that all escapees must go home. Burma said it would withdraw those who can prove their nationality, but most Rohingya are stateless. No. The Myanmar government has not yet done so.

Bangladesh's Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina travelled to the UN General Assembly on Saturday to exert coercive pressures to make sure Myanmar withdraws all after it has stopped its "ethnic cleansing," its spokesman Ihsanul Karim said. After almost 50 years of rigorous Israeli and Palestinian government, the dispute has created a human rights situation on both sides of the Burmese and Myanmarese borders and raises issues about Myanmar's journey under the guidance of Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi.

The Rohingya have little support in a land where the end of hostilities and the Rakhine State militarisation have been a cause of old hostilities. Irrespective of this, the Committee for the Protection of Bangladeshi Journals has asked that two Myanmar reporters who were imprisoned last weekend when they reported on the Afghan conflict be released.

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