Myanmar Visa Bangkok same Day

Bangkok Myanmar Visa on the same day

May be a better way to get a visa than the embassy in Bangkok. Life, work and backpacking in Asia means that I usually get my visas either in Hong Kong or Bangkok. This is my receipt to pick up my Myanmar visa on the same day. Myanmar embassy in Bangkok is the only place where you can get your visa from now on. When the decision is not allowed, you can return on the same flight.

Myanmar Visa - Same Day Issue - Myanmar Forum

When you cannot return your visa for 14 nights at any of the embassies in Europe, North America or elsewhere, you can still get a'SAME DAY' Myanmar visa in Bangkok. That is why we have chosen to get our visa in Bangkok. 2 ) We have download visa application form from the web. We' dwelt near the Myanmar embassy if there were any trouble.

There' s a Holiday Inn on Silom Road, about 10 walking min. away, and the Tower Club in Lebua is another 5 walking min. away. Myanmar's embassy is on Sathorn Road, but the visa bureau is on a side road on the side - look for a small gray gate on Pan Road.

When the visa bureau opened at 09:00, the numbers had increased to about 40-50 persons. That may have been more than normal, as we realized that the Bureau was shut for a Buddhist holiday last Friday. At this point, we found that the request form we were downloading was unacceptable.

There' s a small photocopier store 2 min on foot (continue up Pan Road, look for a yellow'Express Photo Copies' label in a small street on the right). Anything you don't know about Myanmar Visas is not interesting! You know exactly what you need for all kinds of visas, you have the form for THB 5.

So with new paperwork and passports in my hands, it was back in line. When you are looking for a tourist visa for the same day, follow the line on the lefthand side. He seemed only interested in the application form and attached two of our photographs together, giving the other photographs back.

Then he gave us the form together with a map with our'sequence number' - which should be used later. When we were 5. in the line, our number came up within a few mikes. Then the officer read the applications, which we presented again, and waved for "back-up" documentation. It was THB 810 for the visa plus one THB 450 for the "same day" visa request.

As we got back at 3:00 pm, about 50+ folks were awaiting their're-stamped' passes back. The majority didn't know which desk to line up at. As it turned out, visa customers had to stand in line to the right "on the same day" (although there were no signposts or evidence from the officials).

It got a bit messy when Visa customers were asked in the waiting line on the lefthand side to join the right one. This marvellous organization in the mornings stopped existing at the moment of the pickup, when the humans forced into one line of another.

However, we got our passes back on a high-tech visa with photographs actually stamped on the visa itself and a Myanmar emblem with the word'valid' shining in different corners (similar to the birds on a Visa debit card). On the same day of our job applications we were outside at 4:30 pm - all ready to go to Burma.

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