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Burma Visa Australia

The Myanmar Embassy website in Australia has disappeared, as has been mentioned in this forum. An Australian visa for Swedish citizens. Embassy of Australia in Yangon, Myanmar. Acquisition / Business Networking / Australian Embassy: Embassy of Australia in Myanmar Facebook page.

Burma Visa in Australia - Myanmar Message Board

The Myanmar Embassy website in Australia has disappeared, as has been noted in this forums. It' s been gone for a few months now, making it hard to get the visa application form. I have seen all the testimonies here that travelling agents require more for a visa than the messages.

Did anyone stay longer than the 28-day visa? and if so, it was hard to request an overtime. I' ve followed the above mentioned link for the message in Canberra and called them. She said they don't manage visa renewals. The Myanmar website ("Apply online") describes in detail what we have to do and apparently we are applying when we get to Yangon, how long it is.

They cannot request renewal - they are not available. So how long do you plan on staying in Myanmar? When it is only one or two of the 28 working nights, simply go with the SS. And, as the SS says, get your visa in advanced from the consulate in Canberra. Hello SS and Luigi, we had hoped to remain in Myanmar for 5 week (35 days).

Ever since tasking here last night, I have been ringing the Canberra embassy, which can grant visa for $35AUD p/p - will take a few extra days. However, they knew nothing about visa renewals. They said they can do visa for $50US if that all we are going to demand from them as a facility OR if we sign up any travel arrangements with them, they can handle the VOA (visa on arrival) papers for $3US p/p.

They then said that it is possible to remain the 35 working nights..... that like what SS said, we have to spend $3Usp/p per night to remain the additional working weekend, and we can afford it on leaving in Mandalay, rather than in Yangon, as she said first. Obviously they mentioned in the initial VOA request that we plan to remain longer than 28 nights and that instead of payment of the Yangon overstays we can do this through Mandalay.

So, this is my dilemma, what is the best thing to do? your thought please my brains folks rely... should I get the visas here in OZ and then work out ├╝berstay issues when we get there OR get the above named tourist agent to do the VOA and have them organize the ├╝berstay issues? mmma!

In both cases, the $3 per diem payment rule applies to overtime. However, this is - again - neither of relevance for the visa request nor for the type of filming. It is only pertinent to your plan for a five-week sojourn.

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