Myanmar Visa Appointment

Burma Visa Appointment

Find out why visa applications are made exclusively online and our system will send you the application form after your successful date. Please make an appointment with the Visa Application Center before submitting your application using the link below. in Yangon (Rangoon), Burma (Myanmar) to operate the Canada Visa Application Centre. Wellcome to the online appointment system of the German Embassy in Yangon. ((Short-term) Visa also via the VFS Global Joint Visa Application Centre.

Visa Information in Myanmar

Please make an appointement at the Visas Request Center using the following links before you submit your documents. An advance to VAC is not necessary before applying for a VFS Visas and/or Services Charge; charges can be paid directly to VAC. At the time of the appointment:

Select your correct visas category. Further information on the different visas can be found here. This will help you submit your visas and minimise your entry desk hours.

Rangoon opens new Visumanantragzentrum (visa center)

Burma's first own Visuman Antragzentrum (VAC) will open in Rangoon on Monday 15 June. As of today, clients can make an appointment at the new VAC. Our new VFS operated business partner will make it faster and simpler for Burmese clients to obtain their UK travel permits.

The advantages of the new system are more time offers through longer opening periods and a Monday to Friday delivery as well as quicker throughput time through a new business express delivery company. You can also use the SMS services, which will inform you via SMS about the state of your visas.

You can find the new Visumanantragzentrum in: The new VAC also offers the advantage of an text messaging system that informs the applicant of the state of their visas during the procedure. The new VAC will enable UK Visas and Immigration to provide more quality UK visas and immigration in Burma.

There will be no change in the procedure and the applicant will still be able to request their visas and make their reservations via visa4uk. However, an additional fee is charged to use this User-Pay-VAC, which is $92 in addition to the costs of the license.

These fees and the visas must be payed in US dollars on filing the request. More information about the services can be found on the VFS website. Clients who require consulting on their use should consult the International Information Services.

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