Myanmar Visa Appointment

Burma Visa Appointment

Select a free date for your appointment. Would you like a visa for Italy? Please click here to apply and make an appointment. Once a visa application has been submitted, the documents will not be verified beforehand. VisAuthentication - DeepL access.

Visa Information for Myanmar

Establishment of the compulsory appointment system: As of November 1, 2017, a deadline for submitting visa or biometric data to the Australian Visa Licensing Centre (AVAC) Yangon is obligatory. How to make an appointment. You should thoroughly review the visa request procedure available on the website and fill out the request sheet with all necessary documentation to apply for your visa to AVAC before making an appointment.

When you have transient lesions, henna on your finger, you should allow the lesions to heal or the lesion to disappear before your appointment, otherwise we will not be able to properly record your biometry. Notice that only visa applications are accepted.

You can only book ONE appointment per pass. A request will not be approved by AVC if the applicant's name does not correspond to the one used for the appointment book. When you are part of a group or a group, each member of the group must make an appointment.

If you are a group of 4 people with 2 grown-ups and 2 kids, for example, you will need to make 4 personal meetings. If you are a large group traveling together (group of at least 15 participants), please call the Call Center on 097 9108 9462 by e-mail at to make an appointment.

We kindly ask you to bring your appointment note to your appointment with you to show it to the personnel / watchman at the planned date. When you have not made your appointment on the planned date, the system does not allow you to postpone or reject it and you must make a new appointment after 24h.

It is only possible to move your appointment to a date in the near term and a maximum of 2 more.

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