Myanmar Visa Application Singapore

Burma Visa Application Singapore

Inquiries and questions about visa and passport requirements. I'm a citizen of Myanmar, but I'm in Thailand on a student visa. If you are applying for a visa, you must ensure that you meet all the requirements to obtain the category of visa you are applying for. Any Singapore citizen can apply for a tourist or business visa to India. Signapore-permit simple procedure from Pakistan.

Burma Visa in Singapore - Myanmar Forum

Has anyone experienced getting a visa to Myanmar in Singapore? She had 1 T.agent in front of her and brought 15 visa-passes. A similar level of enjoyment to the above placard - i.e. a long, long line and waiting time (each application lasts 5-7 min on average).

It should be noted that Singapore visa issuances are generally for citizens or MEPs. I' m taking my kid to Singapore for a two-month placement. In order to respond to your questions regarding visiting card if you are not working in Singapore (in the case of your son), he can receive a mail from his sponsors saying that he is doing a two-month traineeship in Singapore (if possible with stamp and signature).

They will also need a copy of their visa (probably they will have an STSV or short-stay visa). The European Parliament is an employer's passport - all working foreign nationals get it when they are living and working in Singapore. Before traveling, it may be advisable to check with your Singaporean visa office to determine what kind of Singapore visa he will receive when entering Singapore.

It takes 3 working day & S$ 35. Have a good journey to Myanmar Burma. I' ve been working on an offshore pipeline in Singapore for a year and have not come to Singapore as a visitor. I have my bride with me and we are going to Myanmar.

Myself I have a Singapore DP (work card) and my spouse has a Singapore DP (family card). You can download the visa from the website of the Embassy of Myanmar. Please fill in the visa and enclose a photograph. Contained passes, a photocopy of the picture page of our passes, both sides of our DP and XP, 2 extra passes and my business cards.

and got in at 9:05 a.m. on Monday mornings. They had a lot of folks, but they didn't all want a touristy visa. If we had been passing through from the UK, we would have had to apply for visas in the UK before we left.

Also, it should take up to 3 working nights before the process begins before the passport and visa are available for pickup. All I can say is that there aren't that many job vacancies at the present time. ECT Singapore, can you tell us which agency on the peninsula can help you?

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