Myanmar Visa Application Malaysia

Burma Visa Application Malaysia

Use only in the mornings. Myanmar embassy's address and phone numbers in KL are correct. Click here to visit the Myanmar e-Visa application website. India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar. An original of the letter of approval will be attached to the visa application.

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In order to be able to enter Malaysia, all international travellers must obtain a visa. Entitled candidates can fill out an application form for Malaysia on-line. Claimants must fill out a basic on-line VISA application to obtain an accredited EISA for Malaysia. Malaysia's National Immigration Service (eVISA) was founded in January 2016.

With a passport of at least six (6) month validity, the Malaysia Visa entitles nationals of qualifying nations to request an electronic visa on-line. These eVISAs are available for a stay of up to thirty (30) nights. Nationals of the following counties are entitled to receive an electronic visa for Malaysia, which includes China, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar.

Malaysia's eVISA is an electronic entry visa (ETS) that allows up to thirty (30) successive nights. A licensed eVISA is effective for entry into Malaysia for three (3) month after the date of issuance. $104 is a high value added $45 fee for natural and corporate travellers and immigrants in top of the government's $45 fee.

We also provide our expert tourist assistant service including: eVISA for Malaysia application and filing, information on the application state, as well as the results by e-mail or an extra, similar kind of comunication.

Malaysia Visa Application from Dubai (UAE)

Deira Travel plans a trip to Malaysia or is looking for a Malaysian visa and can help you with a full e-visa or regular visa through the host country's host country. Malaysia Dubai & Abu Dhabi Tourism Visa in the United Arab Emirates (persons from other Emirates can file their visa application at the closest Deira Travel branch and will either go to the Dubai or Abu Dhabi embassy).

Please review the following document and specifications in detail before applying for a Malaysia Tourism Visa. Before you start the application, always make sure that the document is available and intact. When I arrive at the Malaysia immigration control points, what kind of documentation is required?

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