Myanmar Visa Application Form usa

Burma Visa Application Form usa

The Consular Section receives further requests for visa appointments during the summer months (June - August). Burmese visas are required for all U.S. citizens and many foreigners before leaving the United States. In order to apply, please click on the button below and submit your application form.

You only need to fill in the form and your passport with a validity of six months.

Obtaining an India visa from the UK: Most easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions

It will give step-by-step instructions on how to obtain an India visa from the United Kingdom. I' m in a similar position to applying for an India visa from the USA. I' m from the US, so I did this like my own application and my friend Ben is from the UK, so he did this while applying and taking great pains to show you every move so you don't make a mistake.

I' m using iVisa for this application and it's very simple. iVisa does not yet help with 60 day or longer visa applications in India, so you have no other option but to comply with the following instructions. The Embassy of India in the UK outsources its visa procedure to VFS.

With a long period visa you can get a visa for entry to India between 1 and 5 years with repeated re-entry. With the visa you can spend a total of 180 nights per journey in India. When you require a 5-year visa, your biometrics will be gathered at the VFS centre.

They cannot request a 5-year visa by mail. There are two ways to obtain a long-term Indian tourist visa in the UK: by personal agreement and by mail. By making an Appointments at a VFS Visa Center in the UK - Currently at the following locations: You can find the site and contacts of the individual centres here.

To ensure that you choose the right missions during the application procedure, please refer to the Indian Missions section of this manual, page 1. Your choice of missions during the application form is not the one you will make an engagement with! Postal service in the UK - This is available, but VFS recommends that you make the request by date to prevent inconvenience/delays.

As you know, mailings take 2-3 more than one week longer than an application date. Nor does VFS take any liability for your pass. In case you cannot make an physical arrangement but know a relative or relative who can attend a VFS Centre, a VFS Authorization Notice may be filed authorizing them to file your application on your name.

Fees depend on the duration/length of the visa, below is a chart from the VFS website with the actual long stay visa fee (as of July 5, 2017). The turnaround varies depending on your application, usually between 3-5 working day, and you will also need to allow some extra working hours to return your visa and resign.

When you pick up your visa and your pass from the center, it is usually quicker. In Scotland, you must choose UK- Edinburgh as your destination while completing the on-line application form. You can choose between Edinburgh and Glasgow when making an appointement. To apply by post, please choose UK-London.

You can apply for a visa by mail if it takes less than 5 years. EVERY applicant who requires a 5-year tourism visa must apply for an application for an application date, as biometrics are needed (fingerprints and photo). Choose - Tourism Visa and choose the destination that best suits your journey.

About the Applicant - Fill in all the boxes for the individual who wishes to apply for a long-term tourist visa, for Citizenship Card No. - NA. passport-enter the data of the individual who wishes to apply for a long-term tourist visa. Applicant's address - Current address and permanent address, if they are the same, check the checkbox.

Family status - single or remarried, give your marital status information if you are single. Once this section of the form is completed, click Next (orange button) at the bottom of the form. Candidates who need less than 4 years can apply by post. Once you have determined the length of your visa, fill in the first section of the form.

Visa length - Please specify the length in months - 1 year would be 12, 1. 5 years would be 18 etc. This means how often you can re-enter India, as there is no charge differential between individual and multi-entry, unless you know that you will only go to India once while the visa is in use.

Prior Visa/Current Visa - If you had or have an Indian visa, please fill in the necessary information. The SAARC Country - If you have been to one of these places in the last 3 years, please click Yes and fill in the following fields - Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka. Choosing Files- First click the Choosing a filename icon, then a dialog will open where you can find and browse your password picture in JPEG not exceeding 1 MB.

This should be a current picture with a blank backdrop, do not rescan your pass picture and use it, it should be a new pass-picture. An application may be refused if the submitted picture is not clear and in accordance with the specifications. After you have selected the picture to post, click the Download Picture button in Orange.

Change size and choose - A thumbnail of the JPEG photograph you upload will appear in the field on the lefthand side; use the cursor to choose the area of the photograph that shows your entire face and your blank backgrounds when you click the Apply orang... buttons and then click Next. When you are satisfied with the picture, choose "Save and Continue", if you are not satisfied, choose "Upload Image Again" and if you are disappointed, choose "Save and Temporarily Exit" or use the stress-free services!

Check the form and make sure that all information is complete and correct, otherwise the visa may be refused. When you are satisfied, please choose Verified and Continue below. To make changes, choose Change. Your application has now been approved! When you apply by post, you do not need to book an appointment unless you apply for a 5-year visa and require biometrics.

If you click on the print form (orange button), the filled application will be downloading a PDF to your PDF-file. To continue with the next stage, click Book Appointment. Make a record of your application ID (starting with GBRL) you need to cover the visa fee payment on-line. Clicking Book Appointment takes you to this screen:

Choose the UK mission you entered in the application form and then choose - Get Appointment. When this manual was created, the Get Appointment pushbutton did not work. Next is to go to this page and upload and print, fill in and subscribe the declaration which looks like this:

Printout the application form that has been download from the Indian Visa website. Ensure that you have 2 x 2 inches/5cm x 2 inches/5cm passports and stick one on the form, the other will be glued into the envelop. Please fill in the field below the photo. Photographs must be 5cm x 5cm.

Be sure to autograph the second page below as well, it should be the same as your autograph, all your autographs should be the same as in your pass. After you click Retrieve Application, you will be taken to this window. With your application you can enclose a self-addressed reply cover.

Choose Self-Provided Royal Mail Specific Shipping Environment if yes. Bid Centre - Choose the nearest missions, not the ones you indicated on the registration form! If you choose the Self Sent Royal Mail Premium Cover option, you can choose the envelop with your application. Visas durations - Please choose the length of the visa you are going to apply for - this must be the same as what you stated on the application.

Number of entries -For Simple Selection- S, For Multiple Selection M and Triple Selection T. This must be the same as what you entered on the application form. Upload Photo Service Activate this checkbox as you already provide 2 photo passports. Go to the appointment menu and choose the New appointment option.

You will see a new pop-up box with a date calendars, choose a date that suits you: The system displays a dialog box on which you can choose and validate the date and hour. If you are satisfied with the selection of date and hour, press. Have all the necessary documentation on hand for this date.

Next step is to purchase your visa on-line. Once you return home, you must go to Visa Fee & Paid Details at the top left of the page and choose the Fee Details and Payments option: It will be placed in your application cover. You are now prepared to bring your application to the date you have reserved or to send your application.

Simply make sure you have the following in an envelope: A printed application form that has been duly marked on pages 1 and 2 with a 5cm x 5cm passport photo attached to the application form. Insert a second 5cm x 5cm passport photo in the cover. Fill in, sign and date the declaration form.

You have your pass in the cover. Royal Mail prepaid stamped returns envelop es (if you have chosen this option) are not included if you choose to have your visa and pass returned by VFS. If you are using mail, please close the cover and select it: Visa requests by mail must be sent to the above mentioned above adress.

You have completed your application. Hopefully this paper on how to get an India visa from the UK made this a breezes for you.

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