Myanmar Visa Application Form for Bangladeshi

Bangladesh Myanmar Visa Application Form

A passport photo: must be uploaded to your application profile. International Air Transport Association (IATA) travel information manual. Download Embassy of Burma (Myanmar) in Dhaka visa form. All personal information collected in this application, as well as additional information submitted for the visa application. of Bangladesh, El Salvador, Mexico, South Africa.

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Bangladesh Myanmar Visas

Myanmar Visa / Logistic Assistance & Visa Advice from Bangladesh. Burma opened a consulting firm in Dhaka on March 26, 1951. Since Bangladesh gained independence from Eastern Pakistan on 16 December 1971, Myanmar and Bangladesh have had strong and warm relations since the foundation of Bangladesh in 1972.

Bangladesh was recognized by Myanmar on January 13, 1972. Burma was one of the first states to recognise Bangladesh. {\a6} (+88) 02 988 8903,(+88) 02 989 6331, (+88) 02 989 6298, Tourist/Business Visum Requirements: a) Copy of your passport and your passport. b) Include all your old passport (if any). c) If a application for a new passport has been rejected, the information in the document of origin which has been made out by the local authority will be used.

Burmese Myanmar Visum Request Form: Applicants must complete and sign the Visum Antragformular. Necessary for a commercial entry visas. Myanmar's certificate of enrolment. a) Forwarding Letters / NOC from the applicant's authorities on the company's letterhead indicating name, name, ID, pass number, purposes and length of the call.

Professional certificate: a) extract from the commercial register (original notarised English translation and photocopies of the original), if the person making the request is a first-time traveller or owner. b) copy of identity document and business contacts. a) Visa processing fee for the complete request (as per checklist): b) Visa processing fee for partial requests (without orderly documentation or if our consulting assistance is required).

Basis-Consulting: Our consulting services cover the completion of forms, the authentical reservation of hotels, the reservation of airline tickets and the compilation of letters of support with appropriate guidelines. Comprehensive advice: Comprehensive advice includes the compilation of the correct assessment of the applicant's visas, the compilation of the applicant's backgrounds and profiles as well as the compilation of a check list with initial advice. Express provides you with personalised advice on visas, allowing you to tailor your visas to your personalities.

As a very good visas policy is dependent on several elements, we carry out a full back-up cheque at the moment of consulting. Customers are diligently informed about the visas applications and how to organize documentation to increase acceptance in the visas bureau. We' ll open a case record under your name and information to analyse your journey and career histories and to help you plan the best course of action for a succesful visas for you.

We offer a wide range of consulting services: Preparation of the best visas. However, if you are unable to contact us personally, you can still make use of our consulting service via the web site. Audio/video consultation can be arranged at your desired date. The granting of a visas is the clear choice of the consular or diplomatic mission of the country concerned.

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