Myanmar Visa Application Form Bangkok

Bangkok Myanmar Visa Application Form

The" Arrival notification" form is no longer required. You only need two photos, one glued on the application form and one loose or glued on the form. Forms for application are available at the Embassy. To apply for your Myanmar entry visa at the embassy in Bangkok, please download the forms here: You can download the application forms for tourist, social and business visas.

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In principle, there are two possibilities for those who want to come to Myanmar to meditate: a religious (meditation) visa or a tourist visa. Religious visas allow you to remain in Myanmar for up to seventy nights. A seventy-day religious visa must be applied for at the Myanmar Mission in your own state. You will also need a Panditarama Sponsor Name.

Please see How to register for information about receiving the Panditarama newsletter. Tourist visas are not perfect for those who are planning to take part in the sixty-day retreats at the Panditarama Forest Meditation Center, as this kind of visa only allows a 28-day stay and is non-renewable.

When you need to overrun your visa (which is permitted for brief stays of one months or so), you will be billed $3 US per night, which you must deposit at the Myanmar International Airports before leaving Myanmar. You can obtain this kind of visa at the Embassy of Myanmar in Bangkok and should also be available at the Embassy of Myanmar in your state.

When there is an embassy in Myanmar in your home state, you should request your medication visa (with the sponsorship letter published by Panditarama). When there is not enough free space to get and obtain your visa, a good option is to go to Bangkok, Thailand, where yogi have been able to get their medication visa within 1-2 workdays.

Now most messages are able to complete medication visa within 3 month or less. The number of visitors depends on the destination countries. If you are interested, please contact the Swiss Federal Office to which you would like to send your application. As soon as you have received your visa, it is effective for entering the United Kingdom within 3 month after the date on the visa.

Your mediaeval visa is for 3 month after your arrival. After that, if you are planning to practice in Panditarama, the visa can be extended with the approval of your instructor. American yogis can go to pH to obtain the religious visa application form or, for short term visits, the tourist visa application form (28 days).

They must submit the filled out application to the Embassy of Myanmar. Embassy will return your meditation visa to you. It can take up to 2 month before you get your visa. Inhabitants of Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, New Mexico, Oregon, Nevada and Washington State should complete application forms and sponsor letter forms and submit them to the Westlands of Myanmar Consulate:

Citizens of all other states should submit their requests to the Embassy of Myanmar in Washington DC: You can also apply for a meditation visa or a 28-day tourist visa at the Union of Myanmar embassy in Bangkok.

Usually it lasts between 1-2 working nights. For more information on tourist visas, see above. Yoga's need to come to the Panditarama Town Centre Bureau on either: It is easy to take a cab in front of the Yuzana Hotel; it is a 10 minutes drive from Yuzana to Panditarama.

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