Myanmar Visa Application

Burma Visa Application

Completed two application forms. We' re there to help and advise you and check your application before submitting it. There are two ways to obtain a Myanmar visa from Singapore:

Burma - Visa information and accommodation

The visa agency offers Myanmar customers ongoing immigrant and visa assistance. Any applicant, regardless of his or her country of origin, applying for a visa in Myanmar on paper must personally pass the visa application centre in order to submit his or her application and submit his or her personal biographical data. It has entered into an arrangement with VFS (Myanmar) Ltd. to offer visa- and biometrical payment processing in Myanmar through the Australia Visa Application Centre (AVAC).

They can submit their visa application personally to AVC in Yangon and have their biometry picked up at the same one. There is a processing charge for this additional to the fees levied by the visa application team. For more information about VFS and its products and solutions, please visit its website.

Requests for visas for partners, marriages and children from visa seekers who usually live in one of the above mentioned jurisdictions will be submitted to the Australian Embassy, Yangon, and handled at the Australian Visa Office, Bangkok. Proposals for general expertise, enterprise innovations and investments, distinguished talents (subclass 124), former residents (subclass 151) and higher sub-classes are submitted and handled in Australia.

You can find more information on the corresponding sub-class visa pages. Requests for a provisional visa will be submitted and handled at the Australian Embassy in Yangon, unless otherwise stated below. Temp Work Visa (Subclass 403) - Sponsoring (if required) and visa applicant may submit an on-line application.

Educational Visa (Subclass 407) - Sponsoring, Nominations and Visa Application must be submitted on-line. Fixed-term work visa (subclass 408) - Sponsoring and visa requests must be submitted on-line. For the Sponsored Family Visa (subclass 600), you must submit your application on Australian filing forms.

Requests are handled in one of the following sponsored family visitor handling centers. Temp work (skilled workers) (subclass 457) Sponsoring, nominations and visa application must be submitted on-line. Proposals are handled in one of the competence centers in Australia. Requests for Descent citizenship can be submitted to the Australian Embassy in Yangon.

Requests for admission to Australia as well as other circumstances and for resumption or renunciation of nationality should be submitted to the Canberra Bureau in the Territory of Canberra. Australia nationality.

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