Myanmar Visa Agent Bangkok

Bangkok Myanmar Visa Agent

We leave for Myanmar at the end of June. Bangkok Burmese Visa and a detailed cost breakdown for travel in Burma. It' much easier and cheaper to have it done by a travel agent. It is easy to organize a Vietnam visa in Bangkok when you know where to go. Myanmar citizens visa applications.

In Bangkok, how do I get a Myanmar visa?

And I hadn't even thought about getting my Myanmar visas. Forgetting that I needed a touristic visas to travel to Myanmar, I was so excited. Indeed, I was so laid back and "meh" about the whole thing that I forget again as soon as I was in Bangkok.

During my first sunday in Bangkok I got used to the hot weather and the meal and was on the way again all day. I' ve been hanging out with my boyfriends, wandering through Silom and sleeping and told myself that I have a lot of spare hours to do things because my plane back to Canada is on March 1, 2016.

As a matter of fact, I even began working in Silom, which coincidentally was the RIGHT NEXT DAIRY of the Embassy of the Republic of Myanmar, and I still haven't applied. On the way to work, a weekend before my trip, I stopped at a store where I had seen my Myanmar visa passports and xerox.

At 150THB ($5.56 CAD) they would ask me to fill out my pass, copy it and take the necessary photographs. As it was after 9:00, my plan was to get the pictures and the papers done and then go to the dispatch the next day to try to apply. Myanmar's message is probably one of the busiest in Bangkok.

There' s always a crowd of them outside the door, and I was mental not willing to wait in line for an hours or more to give my pass and papers for a touristic visas. When they filled out the papers, the ladies asked me if I wanted to go in private or to use their visas.

When I personally leave, I am waiting in line in the mornings to deliver it, then I am waiting in line in the afternoons ( (3 nights later) to collect it. When I use their services, I just come back to their offices in three working nights, in the evening, and collect my pass and my INS.

Fees are 1,400 thousand rubles ($51 CAD), 810 thousand rubles ($29.85 CAD) for the student visas and 590 thousand rubles ($21.72 CAD) for your service. The sound of it was like a good business, especially since an on-line request for a US $50 visa would cost. And I gave her my papers and my pass and consented to come back in three working nights to collect my pass and my visas and make payment.

I went to Hong's Store's Storefront Visashop, Nic & Clear, three day later to pick up my pass. Hongkong took the liberty to show me the visas, pointed out the expiry, the seal and the sign. Apply for a visa: From 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon for use. Requests must include two photographs. Things to do with your stay in Germany:

135/21-22 Pan Rd, Silom, Bangkok (on the same road as the consulate, about 5 minutes walk). You can find more information about personal application on the website of the Myanmar Republic Ambassy. While in Myanmar, I used the Lonely Planet Guidebook, which helped me a lot with the basic design - a good way to learn the fundamentals.

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