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Bangkok Myanmar Visa Agent

I was living in Chiang Mai looking for my Myanmar visa through a travel agency. You can also have an agent edit it. Perhaps a kind of fraud by visa agencies to use their services. BOOKING TO Kanchanaburi/Myanmar Daily BORDER RUN Bangkok, booking required for Kanchanaburi trip. The Thai Visa Application Centre in Dhaka has moved.

Myanmar Visa from travel agencies in Bangkok - Bangkok Forum

Did anyone get a Myanmar visa from a travel agent in Bangkok? I' ve been reading somewhere that they will come to your host and help you fill out the visa documents and then take them to the embassy to get the visa. Are you experienced and can you suggest a good travel agency that provides this type of services in Bangkok?

Enter'Myanmar Visa in Bangkok' or a similar query. You' ll find many similar contributions on this topic. Hello, you could try the embassy near Surasak Skytrain: And if you stay on Sukhumvit (near Asok), Newline Travels should be able to help. In fact, they have a tourist agency on the premises of the Honey Hotel.

Like I said, the message is easily reached and I think visa applications are not too complex. Hello, if you are in Bangkok, you can request your Myanmar visa yourself. Read this article to find out how to get to the message, how to send your application and what to take with you, as well as how long you have to wait.

In many cases, if you would like a tourist agent to help you fill out a visa request and submit it to the consulate of a given destination by messenger. This was done for me for all formal and some private trips. For Myanmar I went (together with another friend) with a (third) boyfriend from Myanmar.

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