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The tourist visa is divided into two categories: Please note that we offer short Myanmar visa information, including: Where you can apply for a Myanmar visa, the requirements and eVisa. Can anyone recommend a travel agent to arrange a Myanmar visa upon arrival? Is it like China, where we have to apply personally or through a visa agent? Canada Visa Service, Chinese tourist visa agency in Canada for more information on visa requirements.

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At the moment we plan to go to Myanmar with a friends at the end of December. Unfortunately since we did the Evisa together, we dropped (stupidly) for a Google search ad website and entered at: But after we got our verification e-mails, we found that this was an agent and not the government's website.

We' re trying to get a reimbursement, but we're sure we won't get a full one. However, we didn't want to advertise on the government's website, especially if the agent also enforces our information. You don't need to quit, so you already have your visas?

"But as soon as we receive our verification e-mails."

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Will I need a visas? Touristic Visas The tourist visas are classified into two categories: International independent travellers (F.I.T.) and package tours. Myanmar is limited to four week from the date of your date of destination. You can extend it (2 week prolongation US$ 36 and for one months US$ 72).

While in Myanmar, visitors are only allowed to spend the night in accommodation in guest houses and hostels. It is the minimal amount a visitor must spend during his time in the state and all FECs not used will not be refunded. The FECs are free of charge for members of package tours and under 12 years of age.

Packaged groups or EVT (Package Tour) travelers require a written acknowledgement from their Myanmar country organizer that includes the travelers' identifiers and number. Letters of acknowledgement should be sent directly to the embassy by the Myanmar Landlord by facsimile or e-mail.

Myanmar is limited to ten-week stays from the date of your date of destination. A multiple journey entry visas is subject to case-by-case examination. Myanmar is limited to ten-week stays from the date of your date of destination. Myanmar is limited to one months from the date of your date of destination. N. B.: Please be aware that the Myanmar immigration permit will require a long waiting time at customs upon your arriving in Myanmar.

The lack of documentation can lead to delays in applying for visas. From 1 December 2016, Singapore will be exempt from the TOURIST Visas to Myanmar for 30 consecutive nights. Please be aware, however, that if it is a commercial matter, a request for a permit is still necessary.

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