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The tourist visa is divided into two categories: Please note: Where you can apply for a Myanmar visa, the requirements and eVisa. Can anyone recommend a travel agent to arrange a Myanmar visa upon arrival? Is it like China, where we have to apply personally or through a visa agent? Canada Visa Service, Chinese tourist visa agency in Canada for more information on visa requirements.

Myanmar Online Visa Agency's legitimacy - Myanmar Forum

At the moment we plan to go to Myanmar with a friends at the end of December. Unfortunately since we did the Evisa together, we dropped (stupidly) for a Google search ad website and entered at: But after we got our verification e-mails, we found out that this was an agent and not the government's website.

We' re trying to get a reimbursement, but we're sure we won't get a full one. However, we did not want to advertise on the government's website, especially if the agent also enforces our information. You don't need to quit, so you already have your visa?

"But as soon as we receive our verification e-mails."

Applying for a Myanmar Visa in KL, Malaysia - Myanmar Message Board

Hello all, some upgrades about getting a Myanmar visa in KL, Malaysia. Please be aware that you can pick up your visa on the same date if you send in the visa request by 11.00 a.m. or 12.00 noon at the latest. In case the visa is submitted later, the visa can only be picked up the next morning.

So, it's better to be at the desk before noon. I have a contemplation visa: Photography and print services are offered.

Burma Visa Information

Myanmar Visa Guidelines! We provide short Myanmar visa information, including: Where you can request a Myanmar visa, the eVisa and visa details. A visa is necessary for entry into Burma, except for persons in some Asiatic states who have concluded a visa application with Burma. Visas can be issued:

The visa granted by the Myanmar government is effective 3 month after the date of issue or for a 28-day series. It takes 5-10 working day for the embassy or consulate to complete the form. Remarkable Myanmar Visa Information - the process for getting a visa.

Requiring a Myanmar visa at the Myanmar Consulate is a little different, sometimes two photographs are taken, sometimes only one. It is also best to call before visiting the Ambassador to ensure that it is open, as the Ambassadors have for example shut down several nights in April in the Burmese New Year.

Visas are available by post in France and Switzerland. It' free for kids under 7 years of age with a parent's pass. Required documents for the embassies: the visa is 6 month after the date of departure and has a empty page; 1 filled out visa request sheet (form 2 for Belgium); 2 colour photographs in the same format, new and the same ( 1 additional scan on CD, storage media or flash drive for Belgium); visa charges are to be paid in advance in advance in cash at the Embassy of Myanmar (EUR 25 for France and Belgium, 30 CHF for Switzerland; 30 CHF for Canada); round-trip flight only for Switzerland.

This visa will be sent (in your email) within 3-5 business working day after your enquiry. It is the pre-approval for the actual visa upon entry. You' ll need to have it printed out to be presented to Burma's immigration department upon your flight to one of the Myanmar airport: Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyidaw.

They' re gonna cancel your pass. Payment is made directly on the website by means of Visa, Mastercard, American Express and JCB-cards. Your pass must be in force 6 month after the date of your departure.

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