Myanmar Visa 2016

Burma Visa 2016

The Ministry of. Note: The above fee for a new business visa will apply from December 12, 2016. 2016 travel and visa information. From Kyaw Hsu Mon August 31, 2016. Major changes to the student visa programme - from 1 July 2016.

More Myanmar travelers to Singapore since Singapore's exemptions from visas

Since Myanmar's nationals were granted exemptions in December 2016, the number of tourists in Singapore has increased, said Lionel Yeo, CEO of the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). "We are pleased with the prospective state of the Myanmar markets, and the liberalization of visas in 2016 was an important element in facilitating people's travels between the two countries," he said at a press briefing in Yangon on Monday.

SingaporeĀ is one of Myanmar's most popular travel destination. By 2016, 114,000 indigenous visitors had come to the state. The STB reported an approximately 40 percent rise in Myanmar travelers to Singapore within a single calendar week of the exemptions.

"Singapore is secure and comfortable, which is important for travelers who want to go peacefully," Yeo said. You have launched a new label called "Passion Made Possible" that expresses what you represent as a nation and helps you tell many tales about your goal and your family. This will allow for a more profound and intimate relationship between Singapore and its Myanmar mates.

Myanmar tourist arrivals in Singapore continue to increase with nearly 76,000 in the first half of 2017, a 28% increase over the same timeframe in 2016, STB said. Folks like to come, which is a great season for the tourist industry. Travel I think opens people's minds to two shire and I am sure more Singaporeans would come to Myanmar to have it.

The Myanmar population enjoys their stay in our small insular state, which they find pleasant, and the rates are reasonable," the Singapore embassy in Myanmar, Robert Chua, said to the Myanmar Times. Singapore is the second largest foreign exchange investment in Myanmar. Singapore-based investment continues to seek investment in Myanmar, particularly in the areas of infrastructural developments, utilities, logistics as well as training, Chua said.

"They always ask about Myanmar's investments. "We are hoping to open a college of one of Singapore's polytechnics colleges in the nearhood. However, that will be up to the Myanmar administration and the Department of Educa-tion to decide whether they will welcome privately-run teachers," Chua said.

Singaporean enterprises are also interested in the hotels sector, such as for example in jointventures and the construction of hotels. So we open ourselves to show Myanmar to the rest of the rest of the world to help develop tourism," Chua added. "I think Myanmar's trading partners have already raised $16 billion in investments from Singapor. He said, "We believe in Myanmar's ability because we are neighbors in Southeast Asia.

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