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Burma village photo

You will find the perfect traditional house myanmar village floor photo. The National Races Village, Yangon (Rangoon) picture: Grab images of Burmese culture poverty Myanmar Village and royalty-free images from iStock. Image of Myanmar, village on the lake floor photo, pictures and stock photography. Picture about Traditional Fishing Boat and Myanmar village at the mouth in Kyaikto City, Mon State in the center of Myanmar.

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Myanmar, village in the mountains. Mooring and access to a village along the Tanintharyi riverbank in the Tanintharyi region of southern Myanmar. The majority of the towns along the riverbank have no roads and are dependent on shipping. A small pedestrian path in the village streets with braided ranks of homes made of braided palmstelzen and balm trees, Bago region, Myanmar.

Bagan, Myanmar - October 19, 2015. Myanmar is a small village in Bagan, Myanmar. Bagan, Myanmar - October 19, 2015. Myanmar is a small village in Bagan, Myanmar. Landscape village and the red highway with many old wood buildings. Landscape village and the red highway with many old wood buildings.

Village and the red highway, view from the top of the hill. Situation of the Inle-See, Myanmar. Wood cottages with trail at Shan State, Myanmar. Lakes Inle is known for its swimming towns and the Intha' way of living. Countryside with palm in Mandalay, Myanmar in sommer.

Palaung tribe village near Kyaukme, Shan State, Myanmar. It' s time of year and leaves of grass dry on the village mat. Hiltribes Villages ,KobDong village, where one of the Angkhang hillside trunks is named "black lahu". It lives between Myanmar and the northern Thai frontier.

Bagan, Myanmar. The Mrauk-U, MYANMAR - DEC 15, 2014: A lucky Oriental tradition in Myanmar, Mrauk-U with pot on December 15, 2014 in Mrauk-U, Myanmar. Swimming village on Inle Lake, Shan State, Myanmar. An antique painting of Putao, a secluded village in Myanmar. Sundown Inle Lake Intha Fisher in Myanmar (Burma).

December 2014: The Myanmar village. The Myanmar countryside. A small cottage in the village of Myanmar. This stilted buddhistic cloister is a beautiful example of authentic worship on Inle Lake, Ywama, Myanmar. Locals walk past Nyaung Ohak Pagoden, the group of old Indein village in western Inle Lake, Myanmar.

Classic pearls of stones, adorned with old chordal designs, are ideal presents from Myanmar, Inn Thein village fair on the shores of the Inle Lake. You will find the kayak at the old village building on stilt with braided bamboos, Inle Lakes, Inpawkhon, Myanmar. INCLE SEA, MYANMAR - FEBRUARY 2, 2011: Unknown Pa-O grandchildren in colorful clothes in the Inle Lakes area, Shan State, Myanmar (Burma).

Swimming Village, Cambodia, Tonle Sap, Koh Rong Isle. lnleLock. Myanmar - 21 December 2015. The Hupin Nyaung Shwe village and little Myanmar girls operate the bamboat in their village on the waterside on December 21, 2015 at Myanmar's Inle Sea. Arms stilts made of palms and trees in the region of Bago, Myanmar.

Myanmar, Min nana thu village - January 17, 2016: A Min nana thu village kid in front of the home in the early hours of the day a sugary farm in a village near the town of Meik in southern Myanmar, Southeast Asia. Myanmar, april 2015. Crimson and amber track to a mountain village.

Myitkyina, Myanmar. Canoe on the shores of the Inle Lake in the town on the waters of Burma, Burma, Myanmar. Bergdorfhaus on stelzen with views of village living and the mountains. Myanmar Chin State. Lovely, one-of-a-kind scenery in an area of lakes. Myanmar is an astonishing land. Wood village in the sea. The village of Phaung Daw Oo on the shores of the Shan State in eastern Myanmar, Southeast Asia, Myanmar, Island of l'Inle, Apr 2015.

BAGAN, MYANMAR - SEP 04 2017: Participant in a village celebration in a village near Myanmar, on September 4, 2017. A village along the channel through Kala Island near Myeik, part of the Mergui or Myeik Archipelago in the Tanintharyi region in southern Myanmar. This photo was taken at low tide. No.

Myanmar girl in a cordial welcome act. This is a close-up of handmade scarves made in the original Padaung Kayan women's studio (women with long neck), the colorful pieces adorned with geometrical designs, Ywama village, Inle Lake, Myanmar.

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