Myanmar Village Life

Burma Village Life

Countryside in Myanmar Burma has a land mass of 261,789 sq. m. and a total of 60 million inhabitants, split into over 130 nationalities. About eighty per cent of the world' s inhabitants are Buddhists and three fourths of them are living in the countryside. A Myanmar peasant and his family still lived in many ways as their ancestors did when they worked with bullocks chained to the plough.

But although they are deprived of rich materials, fortunately they resort to their own sacred sources, maintain their belief in Buddhism and live a life of harmony, good will and wellbeing. That last skill, driven by the notion that we have no command over fate, but can at least define our own responses to it, is also typically Buddhistic.

Myanmar's farmers are living in communities whose land spreads from these core areas. The village priest recommends part of the charitable work for the hard and usually drunk sinner who has completely given up his sins. In the Buddhist order, the perfect life is studied and meditated, but all monastic nuns are usually occupied with caring for their followers, a job that consists of educating young people when there are no state colleges in the area, welcoming deserted young people as a novice, mediating between contentious neighbours or pairs and, fortunately, helping to organize the village parish celebration or a celebration in memory of a holy year.

Your masculine followers become novelists or friars, as long or long as they want, as often as they want, so that there is no strict separation between them. More than 12 annual Buddhist village celebrations are all about debating the last of the events, getting ready for the next and looking forward to larger events in the coming month.

Throughout the village, families celebrate marriages and the dedication of young children to the order, and there are casual groups that first entrust the cooking and service to friars and then hundred of people from their own and neighbouring villi. Every village is a small world with a common past and familiar links and a comfortable heat and assistance area.

But with the advancement comes the refining, and with the passage of the years the country dweller can put the physical things above the mental well-being. At the moment it is at a turning point as Myanmar's evolution is accelerating.

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