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Burma Myanmar that we can find! Panoramic view from the Tayok Pye Pagoda, Bagan (Pagan), Mandalay Region, Myanmar. Myanmar (color) Aerial view of ancient temples and hot air balloons at sunrise. Myanmar Temples wallpaper is made to your measurements. Burmese Temples wall painting in the room.

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Burma is a traveller's paradise. For many years under a dictatorial regime, this South East Asia land - formerly known as Burma - held a temporary avatar in the making. In 2014, emerald green scenery, enchanting buddhistic shrines, pulverulent sandy shores and a youthful urban landscape attracted three million people. This figure is projected to rise to five million this year.

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Probably the most spectacular view in Southeast Asia and one of the man-made miracles of the worl. During two and a half hundred years of exceptional passion for religion, between 1057 and 1287, in the relatively small Ayeyarwaddy Riverside, thousand of buddhistic memorials and shrines (as many as all of Europe's cathedrals) were made.

From ascending sanctuaries to small stupa, busy sanctuaries to destroyed outbuildings. In between the shrines, village countryside goes on as it has for hundreds of years. Ballooning over Bagan allows you to explore the expanse of the terrain.

Temple of Myanmar

Myanmar Temples wallpaper is made to your measurements. Simple to order and installation plus free shipping to the UK. Build a breathtaking wallpaper with your favorite place in the game. London or New York to Rome, Venice or Florence, China, South America, Egypt and more, an international target on your walls will make your room come alive.

Trim the picture (if necessary) and'Set Wall' 5. We would be pleased to hearing from you if you have a particular part of your painting to take with you. Each of the murals we make is one-of-a-kind and can be imprinted upon receipt of order.

After printing your individual picture it will be packaged and shipped to you. The assembly of our paintings is straightforward! Paintings are a great way to change the look and touch of your room quickly and simply. To make it easier, we suggest 2 persons to mount the picture on your walls so that it is easier to remodel your room with the help of a mate.

They are very simple to assemble and are delivered in 3 high-quality material. Ensure that your walls are tidy and slippery and that you have taken out all furniture. An unpolluted, matte finish is perfect (not shiny). They are delivered in droplet form, like wallpapers.

For every order you will get a worksheet with a photo of your murals with all shown drops/panels as well as a print version of the instruction manual with an instruction for the assembly of your murals. Click on the appropriate links below if you have lost your manual or would like to view the setup manual.

Please contact us if you have any queries regarding the installation of your wall picture!

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