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You can book your tickets online for the most important activities in Myanmar on TripAdvisor: Rohingya, Myanmar's minority Muslims are fleeing alleged violence by security forces and crossing the border into Bangladesh. View download on Pixabay Report Photo. View download on Pixabay Report Photo. They reflect the view of knowledge and learning of English in which Burmese students may have been socialized.

√Čat at The View, for The View

I have always been in love with Pyin Oo Lwin since my first trip to Mandalay, the hillside resort that is only 67 km from the centre for its cold climate, little rain, good, inexpensive meals and beauty. We were back in Pyin Oo Lwin last week-end, but this one we had no idea how to try new restaurants.

One of my friend, a native, suggested my escort and I visited the View Resort and Restaurante. In Aniskan, a few driving min westwards of Pyin Oo Lwin, the View, well..... a wonderful view. Situated on a hillside of Aniskan, the place overlooks the foggy lush and verdant valleys and on the other side the Dat Taw Gyaintfall.

It has a comfortable lounge with wood and stones to complement the outside of the building and large side walls with patio opening door. Since there was no sound of a motor-hype I was so occupied looking at the view and savouring the clean breezes that I had forgot to review the cuisine.

One barmaid, obviously tired of her surroundings and the desire for personal interactions (we were the only ones there) was eager to explain the whole meal to us. We have learnt a great variety of foods and drinks from The View. Rates are what you would expect most for a pub installed to a motel -- a platter of vegetable is K18,000.

You can choose from an Asiatic selection of pizzas, pastas, burgers and steaks. Afterwards we ordered steamed and pickled pig meat (K5.500), cashewhähnchen (K4.500), vegetables with toofu (.500) and mushrooms with cream (K3.500). Although we were one of only two desks in the whole place, it took us 20 min. to get to the desks, then the others followed.

It was not really suitable for the other meals we had ordered (our poor one), but since it was thick and smooth, it still freed us from the spicy flavour of the plate of pig meat, which was boiled with plenty of chilli pasta and plenty of beef. I was happy with all the meal, except for the broth, which was too high.

Just in good season, we ended our meal before a group that admired the scenery from the vantage point down the street for a moment, walked into the table and filled several more. As we got our bill, we saw that the waiter had courtesy of subtracting K2,000 from the View Point entry charge - The View calculates K1,000 for them to use the overlook.

It' really all about the view of the View.

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