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Vietnam, Myanmar

I flew to Laos and went to Vietnam. I actually took the bus to Vietnam. Things to see in Vietnam. Convert money in Myanmar Kyat (MMK) to and from Vietnam Dong (VND) with current exchange rates. The Burmese Empire once conquered much of Southeast Asia, but it never came to Vietnamese soil.

Trip from Vietnam to Myanmar

Though Vietnam and Myanmar have no borders, they are still the most sought-after tourist places in Southeast Asia, longing for secret natural experiences and renowned historical heritage. There is only one way for the tourist to get from one country to another - by plane from Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi to Yangon or the other.

We have 1 a day flight from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Yangon and 1 a week. Take a stroll along the woody boulevard between the Hanoi lake in Vietnam, see the mountain people's cultures and explore breathtaking landscapes and welcoming characters in the mystical Sapa, enjoy the charms of the ancient Hoi An region, return to the last emperor's land in Hue, let the never-ending power of Ho Chi Minh City impress you and take a boating trip through the tragic karstic landscape of Halong Bay.

Visiting the fantastic Yangon Floors in Myanmar, the old Bagan sanctuaries, drive on the magic Inle Lake and the Mandalay Culture Center in Myanmar. All of our trips to Vietnam and Myanmar are self-sufficient and tailor-made by our travelling professionals so that even the smallest detail is taken into account.

A 14-17 day holiday with the best from Vietnam and Myanmar. A 14-day trip connecting the two Southeast Asian lands with the aim of showing you the story, the cultures, the people..... This classical two-country trip is especially intended for those who want to explore the famous Vietnam ese and Myanmar area.

The 24 day.... and more combines the best from several Indochina cantons. The panorama through Indochina. This trip is intended for travellers who have enough spare hours to make a thorough investigation..... Viet Nam & Myanmar travel guide updates:

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