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Myanmar web editing, bloggers continue

In his Myanmar diary from his London home, Ko Htike says he is trying to stop the war. The Myanmar blogging went bad all of a sudden. "I am sorry to announce that the Burma Army Junior has disconnected from the Net across the country," he said on Friday in his newspaper. "I would therefore not be able to put in images of the savagery of Burma's violent army junt.

Myanmar has banned such pictures, and everyone who sent them risks their life. "He said they thought it was their obligation for the state." "Even with the government's actions on Friday, he said he would do everything he could to get pictures of what was going on in the state.

"I' ll also do my best to nourish their demons' appetites for anxiety and dishonesty by publishing images that I get by other means," he said in his diary. Few West German reporters are admitted to Myanmar, so his diary has become one of the most important sources of information. Over 170,000 visitors from 175 different nations visited the blogs, according to a newsman.

The Associated Press said on Friday UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown said he believed the casualty toll in Myanmar was "much greater than what is reported". It could cause even more indignation among the Myanmar population in a land where the worship of Buddha school friars.

Other Myanmar sites have also emerged from the web. Several Myanmar supportpages with interesting sites have been created on Facebook's much-loved Facebook webshops. A group of protesters abroad wrote a message to a group known as the Global Alliance of Myanmar University.

" Others used mobile phones as easy as technology as a means to spread the message of what happened. "But they shot us hard," a lady said on the telephone in Myanmar on Thursday. "Today's technologies allow anyone with the means to record events.

In spite of the outbreak of the web within the state, it is still possible for individuals to take photos and videos with their mobile phone and broadcast them to the outside worlds. It shows tens of thousand of monks as well as civil men going and singing together. Said he felt forced to split the tape because he wanted to" know what is going on in a land like Myanmar".

" "There is great overall backing for a nation that dares to face up to a democratic and openly challenging democratic power in a society where democracies are seen as the better or perhaps the best system," Valk said.

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