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Ancient Myanmar (Burma) cars in Kalaw, Shan State! I' m seeing less and less of Myanmar's good old workhorses on the road and want to save and restore some of them. Renting a car and a driver for a part or the whole trip is a good way, although it is not cheap. No current videos were found for any employee, Car Junction Co.

The Pope in Myanmar: Frances begins the journey with military conversations

Mr Min Aung Hlaing denies any "religious discrimination" in a militia action in the state of Rakhine. Since August, more than 600,000 Rohingya have escaped from Myanmar (also known as Burma ) to neighboring Bangladesh, when fatal assaults on Rohingya fighters' policing stations triggered a strike in the state of Rakhine. The Pope will also be meeting de facto with the Pope's guide Aung San Suu Kyi during his trip to the area.

He will travel to Myanmar and Bangladesh to make a small gestural encounter with a small group of Rohingya migrants. Pope Benedict XVI saw General Min Aung Alaing, head of the army, within a few hour of his arrival in Myanmar. The Pope's reaction is not known. Previously he used the word "our Rohingya brethren and sisters" while he denounced the brutality, but Myanmar's only Roman Catholics asked him not to use them on the journey to arouse sentiments.

The Vatican spokesperson, Greg Burke, said on Monday to journalists that Pope Francis had taken seriously the counsel given to him to take the concept of "Rohingya": The Bangladesh is denying that they are its people. Burma says the suppression in Rakhine serves to eradicate the rebels there, but the UN has described the brutality as a "textbook example of ethnical cleansing" - a feeling shared by globalists.

Myanmar: Revealing cruelties'worse than ISIS' | World | News

Film-maker Gabriel Gatehouse said in BBC's Newsnight: "It is a great human rights problem, which looks like an ethnical purge. It is for this that the Burmese authority - and the army in particular - must assume full accountability. "It is already the biggest aid donors in the UK in response to this crises.

Instead, Mr Gatehouse talked to overseas refugees in Bangladesh, where they escaped and saw footage of outrages. Investigations concentrated on the incidents of a Tula Toli carnage, during which the inhabitants thought they were secure after they had signed a "peace pact". On August 30, 1945, troops came into the town and drove many people to the shore to escape.

"It was 150 of Burma's army. Mr Gatehouse said: "We talk about whole communities being burned, destroyed and ethnically cleansed. Myanmar has been charged with using assaults by fighters in the area as a pretext for racial purges against the Rhoninga.

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