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One new supervisory authority cites "heavily falsified" economic data that raise doubts about GDP claims. myanmar-nld spokesman-myo-nyunt-undated-photo. News/Features - Press Releases - Registration for Press Releases - Video Library - Global Media Contacts. This is the video from my time with them :)

com/watch? v=VkjYr_dkzes. It is easy to find the most famous Youtube channel in Myanmar.

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Mr. Hartley is John Curtin Distinguished Professor at Curtin University, Western Australia; and Professor of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies at Cardiff University, Wales. It is publisher of the International Journal of Cultural Studies. He is Associate Professor of Digital Media at Queensland University of Technology. He is Professor und ARC Future Fellow, ARC Centre for Creative Industries and Innovation, Queensland University of Technology. Ooredoo Myanmar and Red Cross

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Burma: Widely raped Rohingya women and women gals

Rakhine State said Human Rights Watch in a statement published today. Gender based brutality against Rohingya Burma men and woman, " documenting the raping of Rohingya woman and girl by the Myanmar army and other violent crimes, atrocities and humiliations. A lot of ladies described the killings of their young kids, husbands and wives and mothers.

Rapture victims recounted agonies for tens of thousands of days with swelling and ripped genitalia on the run to Bangladesh in several hundred predominantly Rohingya communities in the north of Rakhine state, which forced more than 600,000 Rohingya to escape to neighbouring Bangladesh. The Human Rights Watch has established that these violations are offences against humanitarianism.

MLAs were triggered by an attack by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) group on 30 junta bases and a country's defence bases that murdered 11 Myanmaris. The Human Rights Watch surveyed 52 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, 29 of whom were victims of violence, 3 of whom were under 18 years of age, and 19 members of charitable organisations, United Nations organisations and the Bangladesh administration.

Twenty-nine village in Rakhine state were the victims of the attack. Myanmar troops were raping wives and damsels both in larger village raids and in the week before those raids after several harassments, Human Rights Watch found. All the cases described in Human Rights Watch were the rapers were uniforms of Burma's police force, almost all of the country's troop.

Rakhine village people, who were obviously coordinating with the Myanmar army, harass Rohingya victims of plunder. Except for one of the cases brought to Human Rights Watch, all were classified as clan-raping. Six cases of "mass rape" were recorded, with the survivor saying that Rohingya woman and girl Rohingya were assembled in groups and then either violated or overthrown.

Charitable organisations working with Bangladeshi displaced persons have identified several hundred cases of RAP. This is most likely only a small part of the real number, as the large number of cases of alleged violation has been committed and the low level of self abuse that makes the victim hesitate to bring it to the attention, especially in overcrowded emergencies with little private life.

Nearly two in three rapists questioned had not notified their rapes to the police or charitable organisations. There have been many reports of post-traumatic distress or depressive disorders and untreatment of injury, as well as cases of infection and crying. Previously, Human Rights Watch document a wide-spread violation of trafficked woman and girl during the course of a" evacuation " operation in Rakhine State in the north of 2016, claims that the Myanmar administration had grossly denied as "fake rape".

" Generally, the administration and the army have neglected to blame army staff for serious attacks against national minorities. The Burmese authorities should immediately end the Rohingya breaches, fully co-operate with internal intelligence agencies, as well as the fact-finding missions set up by the UN Human Rights Council, and grant unhindered entry to the state of Rakhine to relief agencies.

The Bangladeshi and multinational aid agencies have moved quickly to help the displaced people and are increasing aid for victims of Rpe. Worried regimes should also prohibit the movement and freezing of assets of Burma's armed forces officers involved in violations of humanitarian law; extend current weapons embargos to all foreign trade, support and co-operation; and prohibit financing operations with major military companies in Burma.

A full weapons freeze on Burma and personal penalties against Burmese army commanders guilty of serious breaches of international humanitarian law, involving acts of sexism. She should ask the UN envoy of the General Secretariat for Gender Equality in Conflicts, who has just come back from the Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh, for a general outing.

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