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The Myanmar Youth volunteers in communities affected by devastating floods. Myanmar detained journalists released. Compendium of UN recommendations November 23, 2015 MYANMAR(E-Version). Burma Investment Opportunities - What You Need To Know. Whether Thailand or Myanmar, our collection of video travel guides informs, entertains and helps you plan your next big vacation.

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Myanmar is facing an emergency public safety risk as an estimated 8,900 new cases of drug-resistant TB are diagnosed each year. However, only a small proportion of the population with the illness, around 800 by the end of 2012, were treated. If left unwreated, the infection is deadly.

Burma - Regional News

While the Yangon Stock Exchange is currently intended for local use only, it is still an interesting leap forward, says Romain Caillaud, FTI Consulting Sr. R. Caillaud. Myanmar fundamental data, such as the 40 per cent wireless coverage level, are good indicators of investments in the telecommunications industry, says Suresh Sidhu, CEO of the Edotco Group.

Almost 100 corpses were dragged from a mudslide near a giant mine in the north of Myanmar's Kachin state. Vriens and Partners Myanmar CEO Nyantha Maw Lin sees the country's first free choice as a step towards globalisation. Nomita Nair, Berwin Leighton Paisner's associate, and Bhavya Sehgal, APAC MD at Frontier Strategy Group, discussed the impact of the historical survey.

Stratfor National League for Democracy's path to governance is hard if it doesn't exceed the majoritarian level, says Evan Rees, Southeast Asia expert at Stratfor. When Myanmar's army approves a change of regime, it will be the first since 1962 that civil people rule the administration, says Romain Caillaud, FTI Consulting's chief of state.

the first free national electoral process in Myanmar in 25 years, the country's largest ever move from a dictatorial era to the state. Myanmar's electoral process, called a historical milestone in the country's democratic transformation, will see the vote of Myanmar's million people on 8 November.

Myanmar bankers purchased tens of billions of dollars this year. Rising mid-cap economies hindered by cash flows may be struggling with an economy but Myanmar is unlikely to be one of them. Myanmar President Aung Tun Thet, the country's business adviser, says that the imminent establishment of the ASEAN Business Community (AEC) will offer great opportunity for Myanmar.

Myanmar's mighty governing leader Shwe Mann was expelled from his position, said partisans on Thursday. Singapore and 2C2P's Aung Kyaw Moe, Group CEO and founding member of the Singapore payments service company, presents the introduction of the e-payment system "easyBills" in Myanmar. Ruili, the pulsating jet engine store in the frontier city of China, is the ideal place to follow the business relations between China and Myanmar.

Former US Ambassador to the Asian Development Bank from 2007-2010, Curtis Chin, says the encounter between the China leadership and Myanmar opponent Aung San Suu Kyi shows the "triumph of pragmatism". "Jonathan Bogais, Assistant Prof. at Sydney University, is discussing the importance of Aung San Suu Kyi's leadership meetings with Chinai.

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