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"Video page "The Irrawaddy". Movies (undated) in these categories: Unfortunately, no compatible source and playback technology was found for this video. That' our Myanmar experience in a movie. All over Myanmar, street vendors are selling this weird food.

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The Myanmar newspaper is turning dark to object to the imprisoned journalists.

A number of Myanmar papers have published a number of cover pages in order to protests against the recent arrest and imprisonment of reporters. Protests come after a tribunal detained a reporter for a year on Monday for "disturbing an official" and trespassing. Zaw Pe's freedom has been demanded by grassroots media and right-wing groups.

Until recently, the Burmese press, also known as Burma, was strongly censured by the state. Zaw Pe, 41, the video reporter for the Burma Movie Theater, plans to file an appeals against his sentencing, it is said. A number of reporters have been detained or imprisoned over the last four month on various allegations, it continues.

More than a doze of reporters scattered flyers in Mandalay to protests against the Zaw Pe case. Since a nominal civil administration took office in 2011, Myanmar has undergone a process of democracy reform that has replaced its decade-long warlordship. From then on, there was no longer any need for the state to censor the press directly, and private papers were permitted to work for the first case in many years.

However, correspondent say that some of the world's toughest constraints are still facing media professionals in the state. Reporter Without Borders ranked Myanmar 145 out of 180 nations in its 2014 Index of Journalism Liberties. Benjamin Ismail, leader of the Asia-Pacific group, said in a declaration published on Thursday that the effects of Zaw Pe's ruling on information freedoms were worrisome.

"It' s not acceptable that the work of a journalists can be hindered and jailed by locals just because they find him distracting," he said. "cWe urge our community to free Zaw Pe, and we urge the administration to make sure that free and fair access to the press is guaranteed everywhere, without distinction between Rangoon and the people.

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