Myanmar Video News 2016

2016 Myanmar Video News

The pressure on Myanmar de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi to investigate allegations that the Burmese army has abused Muslim civilians is growing. Aung San Suu Kyi Naypyitaw ceasefire talks Jan 2016. Stay tuned to @SBengali on Twitter for more news from South Asia. Moe Natt Nwe, Khin Hlaing - Action 17-Feb-2016. Evan Williams has purchased hundreds of these videos for FRONTLINE.

Myanmar Armed Forces in conjunction with Rohingya settlement fire raising, right-wing group says

Recent sat imagery links Burma's military with the cremation of Rohingya's Muslim communities, say activists. HRW has analyzed pictures of the Rohingya town of Wa Peik in the state of Rakhine. "It is hard to believe that militias burnt down over 300 structures in Wa Peik within a single week, while Burma police were standing there and watching," said Brad Adams, Asia' Asia Affairs Manager of MHRW.

One of the teams set up by the authorities has been spending the last few working day to visit the affected communities and is scheduled to publish its results at the end of January. It is Human Rights Watch's third account of the present conflict and the cremation of Rohingya settlements. Earlier, the junta denies that it was the soldiers' fault and said that the Rohingya had set their own houses on fire to draw attention to the world.

Right-wing activists further say that their analyses of when and where the settlements were burnt show a methodological angle that makes it more likely that they were conducted by the war. Since then, the area has been shut down on charges of cruelty to the Rohingya armies. Recent United Nations numbers show that 27,000 Rohingya have since escaped across the Bangladesh/Great Britain frontier.

Burma Rakhine: The Rohingya people are drowning as mountains of extodus

This group, mostly Rohingya minorities wives and kids, tried to avoid a recent wave of violent attacks. There was a breakout after Rohingya revolts last Friday assaulted 30 policing units and triggered a political reaction. Over 100 persons, mostly rioters, were murdered and more than 27,000 Rohingya Muslims have escaped.

Bangladesh - which is already receiving tens of millions of refugees from Myanmar - has sent many back. In Bangladesh, the UN said on Thursday that an estimate of 27,400 persons have passed the line since Friday, compared with 18,000 the year before. "The population is traumatized," said Sanjukta Sahany of the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Rakhine, Myanmar's impoverished area ("Burma"), is home to more than one million Rohingya. This is the most significant upturn since October 2016, when nine police officers were killed in the attack on frontier sentries. Bangladeshi arrivals in Bangladesh are accusing the Myanmar army of invading communities and burnt down homes.

How is it for the fugitives? Alongside the highway in front of the Kutupalong concentration camps, several hundred Rohingya are gathering in small groups in the open air. Most of them are females and mothers. You know that if you get busted during the voyage, you'll be sent back.

Most Rohingya who cross the line already have relations in these refugee camp. It is likely that with their help these individuals will also find refuge here. The group Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (Arsa) said it conducted the raids on the policemen. It was first formed in October 2016, when it launched similar strikes.

This attack resulted in violent suppression, leading to wide-spread accusations of killing, raping and torturing Rohingya and an expedition to Bangladesh. He says his main goal is to defend the Muslim Rohingya majority from state oppression. Burma has moved from the word "extremist Bengali terrorists" to "Arsa extreme terrorists" in relation to the uprising.

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