Myanmar Video car

Burma Video Car

It' good video, but these aren't antique cars. "A Buddhist temple in central Myanmar was swallowed by rising tides after heavy rains. Cheap, high quality used cars from Japan. Mt Popa (half day tour from Bagan; we have rented a car+driver).

Red headbands were hoisted by their parents onto parked cars to get a better overview of the crowd.

Reuters reporter arrests in Myanmar (VIDEO) worldwide

YANGON, December 18 - Several nations, the United Nations and groups of journalists are calling for the releases of Reuters journalists Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo from prison in Myanmar. Journalists were apprehended on December 12 after being summoned to a meeting with policemen on the periphery of Yangon. Myanmar's Ministry of Information has said that journalists have "illegally obtained information with the intent of sharing it with overseas media", and has published a photograph of them in cuffs.

He said the journalists and two cops were facing charges among the UK Colonial-Era official secrets act carrying a max jail term of 14 years, even though authorities said they have not been charged. However, he said the law does not provide for a court order. Reuters' rider Myothant Tun drove them to a policing area and the two journalists and two cops set off for a near-by cafe.

Journals didn't go back to the car. Reuter's chairman and editor-in-chief Stephen J. Adler said the detentions were a "blatant assault on free press" and demanded the immediate freeing of those arrested. This is where responses to their imprisonment of policy-makers and proponents of free speech in the written word: European Parliament Speaker Antonio Tajani urged Myanmar to defend free communication and to free the two newsmen.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's spokesperson, Motosada Matano, said that his administration is monitoring the current state of affairs and that Japan has engaged in a general dialog with the Myanmar administration on the issue of basic humanitarian law in Myanmar. Reporter without Borders, who live in Paris, said there was no excuse for the arrest. Myanmar Protection Committee for Myanmar Journalists, a group of grassroots correspondents who protested against previous persecutions of Myanmar newspaper investigators, condemned the "unfair detentions that violate press freedom".

"Reporters must have the right to receive information and ethical news," said video editor A Hla Lay Thu Zar - a member of the group's board. Myanmar's foreign correspondent club said it was "appalled" by the detentions and "very concerned" about the state of media freedoms in Myanmar.

He asked the public services to guarantee the security of the reporter and to allow their family to see them. Said the foreign correspondents' association in neighbouring Thailand was "concerned about the application of this dramatic act with its severe punishments against journalist who work. "of the journalist.

"The use of such a dull piece of legislation has an intimidatory effect on other reporters and represents a genuine danger to journalism," it says. In a declaration on the security of the two reporters the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines said in a" serious concern" today, saying their detentions were "a flagrant assault on public freedom" and a breach of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the ASEAN Declaration on Human Rights.

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