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Myanmar: New video and satelite footage shows new fire still setting Rohingya village on fire.

The Amnesty International has rated three new video clips taken on Friday morning in the state of Rakhine showing large wreaths of Rohingya village smokes, one of which had already been abandoned, and satellites showing smokes from burnt-out shelters. It is claimed by indigenous springs in the north of Rakhine State that the burns were set by members of Myanmar's military force and community vigilantes.

"These devastating evidences from the earth and outer space contradict Aung San Suu Kyi's claims to the rest of the planet that what she termed military'evacuation operations' in Rakhine State ended on September 5," said Tirana Hassan, Crisis Response Director at Amnesty International. "Nearly three a fortnight later we can see in near-realtime how the Rohingya violent action continues in the north of Rakhine State.

The Rohingya houses and towns keep burning before, during and after the escape of their residents in fear and horror. Unsatisfied with the fact that Rohingya is being forced out of their houses, the government seems to be concerned that they have no houses to go back to. "It' s timed to give the Myanmar army and Myanmar's leaders the advantage of reassurance.

It is imperative that the multinational society unequivocally condemns this act of ethnical purge and takes efficient measures to stop it and hold the culprits to justice. "A video taken on 21 September near the hamlet of Hpar Wat Chaung, Maungdaw municipality in the north, shows farmland in the front with a large trail of tobacco coming up from a housing estate in the middle of a group of saplings.

One of the residents of Amnesty International said that Myanmar Border Police (BGP) and vigilantes groups began the fire in the early afternoons and that further incineration took place the same night. Hpar Wat Chaung's September 16-22 sat images were checked by Amnesty International. In the later picture you can still see fumes, which clearly showed that the place had gone up in flames and only a few short time before the buildings had burned down.

In addition, satelite detectors discovered a recent fire in the town and confirmed the event. In the Buthidaung Valleys, two more video clips taken from different perspectives outside the town of Nga Yant Chaung show the town on Friday at noon. Activa-tionists, as well as a well in Rakhine State itself, have informed Amnesty International that the cremation began between 1:30 and 2:00 p.m. there.

Amnesty International released undeniable proof on 14 September of a massive operation in the north of Rakhine where Myanmar's police and vigilantes burned down whole Rohingya communities and shot refugees. It is part of an illegal and excessive reaction to co-ordinated assaults by an Rohingya group on 25 August.

Analyses of fire alarm activity in Myanmar and across the Bangladesh frontier, as well as analyses of sat images, photos and video footage from the floor and testimonies with a dozen witnesses, show how an instrumented burning campaigns have captured Rohingya settlements in the north of Rakhine State. In the aftermath of the violent attacks, ten thousand other persons - among them members of the other Rakhine state' s ethnical minorities - have also been internally displaced. 2.

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