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Helping Myanmar's youth to quality jobs through vocational training. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of undocumented Rohingya live in Bangladesh after fleeing Myanmar. Making great videos in Myanmar is no easy task. From Gianluca Mezzofiore, August 24, 2016. On the Myanenergy 2016 Antaisolar makes its debut.

Burma Investigates Rohingya Stroke Video

Myanmar officials have pledged to take measures over a video that seems to show policemen hitting members of the Rohingya group. According to the administration, the event, recorded by a policeman, took place in the troubled Rakhine state in November. In Rakhine there are frequent accusations of abuse of the Islamic minorities, with some saying that the state' s acts amount to racial clean-up.

This video shows a large group of village people seated in rows in front of policemen. There' s one mate slapping a man and another kicking his face. And the Rohingya? Rohingya, an estimated one million Muslims, are regarded by many as irregular immigrants from Bangladesh, especially in Buddhist Myanmar.

I estimate that in Bangladesh several hundred thousandundred thousand indigenous Rohingya have escaped from Myanmar.


Sexual violence is one of the most serious forms of sexual disparity in any given nation, and it is high in Australia, Myanmar and unfortunately in many other states. This video follows the tale of a CARE co-operating guide, Daw Aye Aye Naing, the first female in Kayah State to have a residence in the village level authority.

As a result of this she now has the opportunity to listen to and make decisions on cases of gender-based violence in her town. In spite of the huge challenge, she has now become a figurehead that inspires young people in other communities to become leaders," said Ms. Zotalis. "Your promise can be an activity that you can take to enable young people to have a strong vote in decision-making.

This can be your mum, your sister, your girl or your town. "Genuine gender-specific transformational work demands changes in three areas: the individuals (the women themselves), the structures (e.g. economical market, religious, social as well as cultured norms) and through relationships (with married men, neighbours, authorities)," said Ms. Zotalis.

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