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Watch video When Myanmar's next president went to jail. March 15, 2016 - Myanmar's delta city faces major challenges after the NLD's victory. Children on cars through Myanmar NLD Rally. pic.twitter.

com/g7TKOMjG3w. Awarding of the Myanmar Film Award 2015 - List of Winners 2015 - Academy Movies for 2015. The Camp Chindwin brought together 33 video activists, filmmakers and citizen journalists from Southeast Asia for a camp in Myanmar from June 3-6, 2015.

Myanmar's'Muslim-free' choice Asia

Subject to the requirement of anonymity, it said that Suu Kyi ordered an "Islamic cleansing" in the NLD to pacify the rising anti-Muslim mood fueled by hard-line Suddhist extremists. Muslims are not one of the NLD's 1,151 NLD nominees for local and state election, although there are about five million Muslims in the state - or between 4 and 10 per cent of the people.

Nor are there any muslims in the military-backed ruling Union, the Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), who are taking part in the first free and just parliamentary elections in the first 25 years. Prior to the referendum, reports indicate that Kyrgyz electoral committees turned down a dozen Moslem nominees, although the agencies refused that their families were civilians, which many of the avoided nominees refused.

"Suu Kyi is a little worried about the Ma Ba Tha, so it became an Islamist cleansing here," the spring said. Ma Ba Tha is an ever more powerful, ultra-nationalist Buddhist group, also known as The Association for the Protection of Race and Religion, whose frank members are known for their harsh discourses against the Muslim Rohingya people.

"lslamic men were persecuted," said the well. "All sorts of men and all sorts of religion should belong to one of them. However, their silences about the marginalization of the Rohingya and the general expulsion of Muslims have provoked critique. "Increasingly strong are the anti-Muslim monks," the resource said, and added that the agencies should take action against what the resource described as extreme members of Ma Ba Tha, rather than "sponsoring" them.

"We believe in the current atmosphere that it is a better way to gain by skipping Muslim nominees in upcoming elections," he said, asserting that prospective nominees of the Muslim religion "agreed". About 15 Rohingya contestants were excluded from the race in August due to the fact that their families were originally from abroad.

At the beginning of this year, the German federal administration revoked the right to elect about 700,000 persons, especially Rohingya, when it decided that the owners of'white cards' were not eligible to elect. They had been printed as provisional ID papers and the owners of the blank ticket were allowed to choose during the 2010 election. "The Rohingya Muslims were excluded from the USDP election, in which they previously participated.

"Now, the election is clearly free of Islam. "Burma's bin Laden" Myanmar has been experiencing a wave of nationism since 2012, when unrest broke out in the state of Rakhine, a flash point for the increasing aggressive reaction against the Rohingya, which makes up a third of the three million state population. Wirathu, called'Burmese bin Laden', has issued a warning against an imminent take-over of Myanmar by the Muslims.

Wirathu would only have to flick his finger if he wanted to destroy Muslim homes in Bago. Said the 2012 violent killing of tens and the expulsion of several thousand Rohingya was warranted by the minority's plans to found an Muslim state in Rakhine.

"Erathu has a home for everything that happens in the country," the resource said. "When he wanted to destroy Muslim homes in Bago, all he had to do was flick his thumbs. Besides preventing the participation of Rohingya - according to Human Rights Watch scholar David Matheison - military-oriented forces raise further doubts about the freedom and fairness of the poll.

He said in a statement released last months: "Just over a months before the Burmese referendum, military-oriented militias cast a gloomy light on the poll. "They intimidate Burmese electorate in Burma's ethnically minorities and discourage their campaign.

" Burma recognizes 135 minority groups but refuses to grant nationality to others, Rohingya included. In spite of the NLD's "purifying Muslims," the paranoiac Nazi group often calls Suu Kyi's political group the " Islamic Partys. "Today the humans have difficulties.

"They are all, not just Muslims. Even non-Muslims are dissatisfied with the way the NLD selects candidates."

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