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Accompany us on a luxury journey through Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, a lively tapestry with spectacular landscapes and fascinating rituals. For reservations please send an e-mail to: The Myanmar export of watermelons and melons to China via cross-border trade has grown enormously over the last decade.

Right or wrong: Thailand Group Comes to Myanmar via Teleport

Thailand's True Corp is in discussions with the state-supported ISP Yatanarpon Teleport (YTP) about a possible alliance to introduce wireless communication in Myanmar, Reuters states. It is anticipated that the new JV will divide 51/49 between YTP and True Corp and will involve investments totaling approximately $1.6 billion.

The CFO of the Thai group, Noppadol Dej-Udom, commenting on the discussions, said: "We are in the middle of negotiations with YTP. In the event of success, we must obtain the consent of the True Corp Management Committee and then we will notify the Thai Stock Exchange. YTP's vice-chairman Yan Win said that YTP's present shareholder base may be an impediment to the project: "MPT[Myanmar Post and Telecommunications] currently holds 51% of YTP's shares...[but] the Telecommunications Act does not allow one incumbent to own more than 10% of the stake in another operation.

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Take the Myanmar Study Tour!

Accompany experienced VIA travellers and first-time attendees to a contemporary investigation of Myanmar's politics and civic community, not to speak of a first opportunity (on a VIA trip) to explore the many civilizations of Shan State. Have a look at Myanmar's policy intrigues and seasonal changes after Myanmar's first free and free nationwide election since 1990.

We are following the appointment of a new administration in March, an excellent moment to evaluate the effects of the 8 November 2015 referendum and the ensuing policy dynamics. Besides talks with civic leaders, civic groups and other actors in Yangon and Mandalay, VIA's usual tours to cutting-edge NGOs, VIA scholarship holders and the inspirational communities in Myanmar will be on the agenda.

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