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Wellcome to the homepage of the Embassy of Denmark in Myanmar. A contemporary design with a Myanmar accent and modern accessories make your room a quiet retreat. Best hospital in Myanmar. Burma. open eye Views: UAE Bahrain Egypt Indonesia India Iraq Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Kuwait Malaysia Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia Myanmar.

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There are many who say that the regime of President Xi Jinping could increase China's representation in neighbouring waters if it strives for local hegemony. YANGON, June 8 - Myanmar's hard-line friars will evade prohibitions on Facebook and continue to use it to "tell the truth," they said on Friday after the big corporate news gang banned several Buddhist nationists for hatred of Rohingya Muslims.

UN agencies that investigate a possible Myanmar holocaust have said that Facebook was a repository of publicity..... Lowy Institute's Herve Lemahieu says the Rohingya are" not closing soon". WASHINGTON, April 3 - The Aung San Suu Kyi administration is opening up the Myanmar economic system and Myanmar's economic recovery, although the opportunity for wider West sanctions due to the Rohingya crisis still gives some international investment a break, a high IMF official commented.

Myanmar's President Htin Kyaw's retirement is a cause for concern about the country's leaders, an analyst said. John Cabot University's Bridget Welsh also talked about the challenge of the Rohingya Deal. An ex-US diplomat has stepped down from Myanmar's consultative body to discuss the Rohingya crises.

Myanmar's policy is definitely affecting the attractiveness for tourists, but it will not disrupt the travel sector, says Serge Pun of Yoma Strategic Holdings. Deliberate misinformation became a weapons in Indonesia, Myanmar and the Philippines. It' s an awakening moment for the Myanmar-Rohingya crises, but it' s much simpler said than done to find a resolution.

In 18 month, a start-up company working with Myanmar and Syrian migrant workers shipped more than 40,000 lunches, made profits and grown.

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Myanmar's native tongue is Burma's main one. While Myanmar's constitution formally recognises the name of the British name for the Myanmar languages, most Myanmar-speaking languages still speak the same. Myanmar is the first country to be used by 32 million Chinese-speaking population groups, mainly Bamiar and related subethnic groups, and the second country to be used by 10 million, especially Myanmar's and neighboring nations such as the Mon.

Myanmar is a tone, pitches index and syllable-time speech, largely one-syllabic and analytical, with a subject-object-verb order. She is a member of the Lolo-Burma group of the Sino-Tibetan group. Myanmar Arabic, based on the Mon typeface, one of the Brahmic scriptures adopted for South East Asiatic tongues due to India's influences.

Myanmar is part of the South Myanmar lingo of Chinese-Tibetanese. Myanmar is the most widely used of the non-Sinite Sino-Tibetan language. Burma was the fifth of the Sino-Tibetan language to developed a system of scripts based on Chineses, the Pyu font, the Tibetian alphabet and the Tangut-letter. Myanmar's 33-letter and 12-vocal Alphabet is spelled from lefthand to righthand.

There is no need for space between words, although contemporary type usually contains space after each term to improve legibility. Characterised by its circulars and diacritical characters, the font is an absugida, with all characters having their own vowels ?a. Scripture followed the evolution of the general subdivision of the languages Old Burmesian, Central Burmese Cyrillic and Contemporary Myanmar.

Pagan and Ava from 11-16 centuries; Central Bohemian from 16-18 centuries (toungoo to early Konbaung dynasties); contemporary Bohemian from the mid-1800s. Orthographical changes followed changes in phoneology (such as the fusion of[-l-] and[-?]medials) and not changes in Burma's grammar and phoneology, which has hardly ever shifted from Old Myanmar to MNB.

17 ] During the pagan age, for example, the media[-l-] ?? was translated in text form and substituted by media[-j-] and[-?-] in contemporary Myanmar (e.g. "school" in Old Myanmar ?????[kl??] ? ??????[t?á??] in a more contemporary version of Burmese). Likewise, wrote Myanmar has received all nazalized finals[-n, -m, -?] that have fused into[-?] in pronunciation Myanmar.

Usually, the vowel is one of many open vocals in pronunciation in Burmese[i, e, ?]. Typed data from Burma in the early pagan time. Those of us who studied colonialism in Britain thought that the writing of Burma was derived from the Mon typeface around 1058. There are indications, however, that Burma writing has been used at least since 1035 (perhaps since 984), while the oldest Burma Mon writing, which differs from the Thailand Mon writing, is dated 1093.

Myanmar may have Pyu type. Brahmi typefaces are both Mon and Pyu.) Initially, Myanmar spelling followed a quadratic form, but the italic form became established in the seventeenth-century as popular type resulted in the widespread use of color leaf and pleated handwriting, known as Parabaik's ????????.

A large part of the writing can now be attributed to Central Bohemian. In the nineteenth and eighteenth centuries, spell-checkers began to create orthographic rules to change Burma's orthographic system, as the merging spellings became unclear. Burma's orthographic system was standardised through the use of language dictionary and orthographic terminology during Britain's war. Myanma Salonpaung Thatpon Kyan, the newest orthographic agency called ????? ??????????? ???? ?????, was established in 1978 at the behest Myanma Salonpaung Thatpon Kyan, the newest orthographic agency called ????? ??????????? ???? ??????, was established in 1978 at the behest of the Myanm.

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