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Burmese starving to death grab fierce cylons video

"The Myanmar TV is useless," said a Yangon business man who purchased the subterranean TV CDs because he wanted to see the crude, non-censored copy of the gale that murdered his bro in Labutta, one of the most affected cities in the Irrawaddy River Delta. After the Nargis attack two week ago, Burma's former army leaders acknowledged that nearly 78,000 lives were lost and another 56,000 are still unaccounted for after one of the most disastrous cyclone that has ever ravaged Asia.

The state-run government-run press, strictly monitored by the regime, report nothing about the worries of world relief organizations for the 2. 5 million survivors or about the pillars of poor men who line mud-filled streets in the area. Though one provider said that some images were taken from the web, two large sections - one 53 minute long, the other 25 minute - appear to have been filmed by Myanmar's state TV.

While two men hanging from canisters try to float over a swiftly running stream, the camera man shoots a scorched and inflated body in a pool. On the second disk with the inscription "Labutta" are depicted a man wearing a coffin, an older man laying on a desk with his ankles squashed, and a man with his hide pulled off the back of his throat.

The next is a six-minute video of humans and buffalo laying in rice fields dying while the others pass by with some rescued objects on their head. Because of the low level of confidence in the state owned medias and the blocking of many web pages, most of the population depends on information about foreign broadcasting in Burma.

On a VCD stand, the salesman and a police officer peped up the business man who had just come back from Labutta with a few simple words about the cyclone: How did humans died? Might as well keep the villagers in their own village and not go to wards.

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