Myanmar Values

Burma Values

Civil knowledge and values in a changing society? The Myanmar-based law firm adheres to three basic principles for the benefit of our clients: clarity, discipline and success. A key date can be selected for the comparison of market values. Irid to rethink country values. Myanmar art's value.

Burma 2014: Civil knowledge and values in a shifting world

This is a questionnaire to record publicly informed and aware of new governance structures and procedures and to measure the current status and values of individuals from different walks of life in order to demonstrate the long-term evolution of the state. Surveys covered personal interviewing more than 3,000 interviewees in all 14 states and territories of Myanmar.

The most interesting and important convictions in Myanmar are as follows.

If you are in Myanmar, you may come across many different convictions and values that you do not know or are accustomed to. This belief is one of the major factors why we believe Myanmar is such a captivating world. If you come for a whistle-stop or a long holiday, it's definitely a good idea to get to know some of them, as it will make your Myanmar trip even more worthwhile.

While in Myanmar, if you are fortunate, you may be taken to dinner with a native one. Before you dive in and insult someone, be aware of the following points: Knifes and fork are becoming increasingly popular in Myanmar, but some homes still use their hand for food.

This is very important in Myanmar. What part of your anatomy do you consider to be the most important? In Buddhist civilization, the torso (above the waist) is regarded as holy, while the lower part (below the waist) is regarded as low-grade or even soiled. Remember how to use your own bodies when you interact with others:

It is the highest point on your skull and as such it is the holiest part. When your minds are most holy, your legs are the least valuable part of your being. However, the faith in Myanmar is that it can even cause hardship for the family and world.

In Myanmar, different sleep attitudes have different connotations according to Myanmar's religion. Remember that most of Myanmar's homes will have a Buddha-painting. Burma is a very devout land where about 90% of the inhabitants are Buddhists. Christianity, Islam and Hinduism are also practised in many parts of the land, but it is Buddhism that is most evident in daily living in Myanmar.

What are the most interesting Buddhist convictions in Myanmar? You will find a sparrow imprisoned everywhere and especially in places of worship. Similar to sleep, the death posture is regarded as important for Buddhist. In Myanmar, no act is more dignified than constructing a holocaust (or a temple). In the case of marquees, it is important to always go in the direction of the clock and keep the house on the right.

Whilst the appearance of sacrilegious edifices is splendid and it is enticing to take photographs or posture in front of them, this is regarded as sacrilegious. These days it is often accepted by outsiders, but it's something to think about the next day you take your cameras out of your hand. While there are many rites in Myanmar and Buddhism, one of the most important is the novitational one ("Shinbyu").

is for a kid under 20 years of age. No. At the end of the wedding the young man becomes a noviciate and spends some quality lavish hours in a convent. Most Buddhists consider it the best spiritual present a parent can give their child, and it is thought to have a permanent effect on theirs.

Many other convictions and values you will learn during your stay in Myanmar, we have just some of the most interesting and important list. In order to really live Myanmar, it is important to be aware of it.

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