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This is why most of its famous sights are ancient pagodas and temples. Are you already planning your upcoming summer holidays? Inadvertently many tourists skip Lake Inle on their Myanmar vacation. Rural Myanmar will still surprise a modern traveller who is used to seeing different destinations and exploring "everything". Are you wondering how to spend an unforgettable holiday in Myanmar?

Myanmar's 6 most popular tourist attractions

Burma is one of the most pious buddhistic lands in the whole wide globe. Therefore, most of its celebrated sights are antique palagodas and monasteries. Myanmar offers you the chance to explore these perfect places and keep unforgettable memories to yourself. Shwedagon is the holiest Buddhaist pit and is known as the Buddhaist treasury of Myanmar.

It is meticulously gilded and its top is adorned with precious stones and diamond, creating a truly refined and exquisite look for this Buddha school. It is thought that Shwedagon contains relicts of the four former Buddhas of today's Calpa, making it one of the most popular touristic sites in Myanmar.

Ananda is one of the most attractive sanctuaries in Bagan. There are four Buddhas located in the Buddha sanctuary, each oriented to the east, north, west and south. Located in the cross, it has many steps that lead to small churches. It is like a Myanmar Arts and Cultural Centre that gives the visitor an old look and feel.

It' one of the holiest of the land of the gold coupons. Situated in the centre of Yangon, Botataung is also known as one of the highest peaks in the town. Botataung Pagode, over 2500 years old, still preserves the old and characteristic Mon. On the inside the couch is empty and contains a holy Gautama Buddhaha.

Both the top of the head and the interior of the furnishings are fine coated with fine golden. It' the best point to get a full look at Mandalay. Situated in the north-east of the centre of Mandalay in Burma, Mandalay Hill is known for its wealth of palagodas and cloisters. It was an important place of worship for Burmese Buddhists.

There' s a huge Buddha picture pointing the finger at the town at the top of Mandalay, indicating the evolving development of Buddhism in Mandalay. If you visit Mandalay at sundown, you can enjoy very beautiful times when the old gold pagoda lights cover the town.

Shitthaung, one of Myanmar's most beloved touristic sites, is situated in the antique town of Mrak U. It is a complex of architectural excellence dating from the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries and contains more than 80,000 Buddha-statures. At the highest point of the shrine are pictures of the kings and queens made.

There is the whole sanctuary in the beautiful world of the world. It is also a renowned location in Hpa An, Myanmar. The Saddan Cave is a place where visitors can experience the charm of the lights that shine from the lakes.

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