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Although cheap flights from Bangkok to Mandalay are now available, most people are still starting their visit to Yangon (Rangoon). In order to resolve this problem, most liveaboards to Myanmar depart from Ranong, Thailand. Let us discover the best destinations, sights and attractions for your Myanmar vacation. Prospective hot spots such as Shanghai, Prague, Moscow and Saigon were still good. One of Myanmar's most popular tourist attractions, Shitthaung is located in the ancient city of Mrak U.

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Burma is a wonderful land with a violent story, and it still has many problems. In recent years, the land has become more open to tourism as travelling can help resolve some of the battles. It is true that this land will be a great place to meet nice and friendly locals who will welcome you.

Myanmar still surprises a traveller who is used to seeing different places and exploring "everything". Although the more crowded places get a lot of visitors, it is very different to enter the remotest areas. Large parts seem almost unaffected and if you want to go back in history.

This breathtaking land is full of thick and narrow jungle, mountain and unspoilt beach, giving you the sense of paradise on land. In Myanmar, men in SARONG or Longyi are widespread who chew and spit blood-red sap on the soils. For a long period this land was insulated, and now it' s starving for outside clues.

Burma - Nature and animals

Myanmar's fauna is a blend of North, South and Southeast Asian fauna. Approximately 300 known mammals, 300 terrestrial mammals and 100 birdlife are known. Myanmar's jungle is home to a large number of cetaceans. Burma also hosts several different types of monkeys among them the gibbon. Myanmar's reptile population includes alligators, phythons, gheckos and even more.

Turtle populations in the land are 27 different, seven of which are indigenous to Myanmar. Myanmar has two different kinds of forest - monsoonal and rainforest. Monsunaceous woods are dried for at least three month a year and consist of broad-leaved tree or shrub that loses its foliage for a season.

Myanmar's beach woods consist of palms and other types of wood that can resist storm. Nordwald is one of the biggest continuous woods in Southeast Asia. It is a vast woodland stretching across lowlands, wetland and snow-capped hills. Other Southeast Asian nations have seen their nature landscape shrink, while Myanmar still has large woodlands and marshlands.

The hunt is the greatest menace to Myanmar's wildlife. Myanmar tiger and tortoises are most frequently attacked. It also protects the turtles' nest sites and establish hatcheries to increase the populations of them. Approximately 10,000 Asian 11,000 Asian 11,000 bulls (1/3 of the world's population) are scattered throughout Myanmar.

To this end, we have put together an easy-to-navigate section of information on Myanmar. Find out more about Myanmar's heritage and heritage, eating and drinking, and what to pack in your bag. Find out more about Myanmar's natural and animal life, meteorology and geographical conditions, along with the Country Quick Facts put together by our tourism team.

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