Myanmar Vacation Packages

Burma Vacation Packages

The most unforgettable holidays in Myanmar! Including professionally designed holiday packages to Myanmar at affordable prices. Burma Golf vacation packages in Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Ngpali and many other golf courses in Burma. Personalise your Myanmar golf holiday. Discover Myanmar with a wide range of travel packages offered by one of Myanmar's leading tour operators.

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Burma Tours

Myanmar, the gold jewel in the Southeast Asian crone, is as near as you get to the times in the ever-growing and shifting Far East. In Myanmar, formerly Burma, you can dive into an old civilization in an often turbulent country while traveling along the Ayerawaddy River and between the Bagan Tempellandschaft, or while you meet the indigenous Intha's in Inle Lake or look over Mandalay from Mandalay Hill.

Sand peasant towns with traditionally dressed and traditions, far away from contemporary living, to colourful market squares and craft businesses, Myanmar is the Golden Land. MYANMAR' S TOP EXPERIENCE: Bagan is Myanmar' s response to Cambodia' s Angkor Wat.

Bring a bike with you, it's your best opportunity to really dive in. Famous for its local Intha's and their rudder techniques, Inle Lake is probably your favourite place in Myanmar. Myanmar has many notable sunsets and it's difficult to say what's best, but the gold Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon at sundown is a spectacle.

In Kyaiktyo, it requires some efforts to reach a hill with a sensible walk, but the view of a huge gold rock that balances on the verge of a hill and the view over the underlying valle. Myanmar's best choice for a trip to the sea, Ngapali is not like its neighbors and is often so calm that you have the feeling that you have come across something that for the most part is still a jewel in hiding.

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