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Burma Vacation

You can browse through our unique and specially developed Myanmar Tours using the links at the bottom right. There are many interesting treasures within Myanmar's borders. Holidays for small groups in Myanmar (Burma). Audley's Myanmar vacations are assembled by specialists who know the destination first hand so they can put together your ideal itinerary. At Cox & Kings we offer luxurious trips to Myanmar that will take you on an experience of a lifetime.

Burma Tour, Holiday & Travel Packages - 2018/19

Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar's Nobel Peace Prize laureate, is once banned from even catching a peek from the outside. Mandalay, Myanmar's second biggest town and former capitol, is home to half of the country's population. Mandalay Hill dominates the town.

You will be awarded with a Myanmar holiday not only by the views, but also by all the interesting sites and monasteries. With its old town walls, the Royal Palace is definitely a worthwhile place to be. The Bagan has the world's biggest and most dense collection of buddhistic shrines, palagodas and shrines from the eleventh century.

The Inle Lake area is a great place to observe the countryside. On a Myanmar excursion, we recommend a detour to the unspoilt holiday town of Ngapali. In this sense we have put together an easily navigable section of information for a Myanmar holiday. Find out more about Myanmar's heritage and heritage, eating and drinking, and what to pack in your bag.

Find out more about Myanmar's natural and animal life, meteorology and geographical conditions, along with the Country Quick Facts put together by our tourism team. Myanmar is the only way to find out more is to go on the trip and discover Myanmar for yourself. Begin your exploration trip.... today you can still reserve one of our Myanmar-trips! You should take your free moment to explore other places after your Myanmar trip.

Holidays in Myanmar

Greetings from the Golden Land of Myanmar. It is our primary goal to provide our best service at the best prices to ensure the continued prosperity of your travel in Myanmar. Visas are necessary for all nationalities. You can apply for a visa at any Myanmar embassy or consulate abroad.

Explore the rich culture of the tropical eastern world on a holiday in Myanmar (Burma), from temples to vibrant swimming coves.

Explore the rich culture of the tropical eastern world on a holiday in Myanmar (Burma), from temples to vibrant swimming coves. People from Myanmar, a land that has just emerged from years of social exclusion, welcome you to Myanmar. Myanmar is still largely unspoilt by tourists and provides a worthwhile and genuine adventure for those who love adventure.

Enjoy the countryside's unspoilt splendour on Lake Inle and the unaltered lifestyles of the natives who live in its swimming coves. This 2,600-year-old building gives the impression of an encounter of civilizations and stands in contrast to the faded English monastic houses, where you can see the violet garments of a monk or beetles.

It is so big that you can only see its expansion in the sky, and a quiet hot-tub ride over the remains at sunrise is an memorable time. Watch scenery of Burma countryside living between the distinctive stilts of Lake Inle, where you can explore the infamous swimming towns on the water.

Entrepreneurial natives run metallurgical companies where you can buy memorabilia to take home, but the true attraction of a trip around Lake Inle is to experience a tradition of living - especially the fisherman, who have their own unmistakable way of "leg rowing".

Go to the hills and see the colourful clad folk of indigenous minorities like the Palaung. The former UK mountain resort is set in teaplantations and enjoys colder weather, making hiking in the tranquil Kalaw roads particularly cozy. At Burma┬╣s last imperial capitol, you will discover elaborate coupons, buy memorabilia in the many craft stores and the Kuthodaw Pagoda, where Buddha scriptures include 729 stupa that make up the largest books in the game.

A getaway from Ngapali Bay, where pristine and beautiful Burmese shores line the coastline for three kilometres. Visiting nearby towns and market places to get an insight into living in the countryside of Myanmar (Burma). Take a small river boat to discover the swimming towns and parks of Lake Inle and see how the natives are living.

A lot of visitors come to the cloisters to see Myanmar Abbeys, but a trip to a nearby convent to enjoy lunches with the indigenous monastics and find out more about their way of living on Sagaing Hill, outside Mandalay, is an memorable one. Maybe a remnant of the British, Myanmar (Burma) has an affinity for infusions and attending a teahouse is a quite indigenous one.

Taste the homemade pasta or mullet, a seafood gruel commonly known as Myanmar (Burma) nationwide pasta, all served with a steamed glass of milk or mousse. Irrawaddy Explorer is the ideal way to explore the Irrawaddy River, the country's major canal and the spring of many fisheries, agriculture and rural activities.

The Irrawaddy Explorer, with its five stars and superb amenities that reflect Britain's colourful era, is the perfect way to get to Myanmar's stunning places and less frequented towns. Hike the Kalaw Collegiate Mountain Base, high on the pine-covered hillside, or hike to surrounding mountain towns.

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