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mmt-to-UTC time zone converter, calculator, table and card. UTC to MST Myanmar time zone conversion, calculation of time difference between Universal Time (UTC/GMT) and Myanmar Standard Time (MST Myanmar). Convert Myanmar Time (MMT) to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) quickly with our dual clock live display. Use the clock timezone command to configure the time zone offset of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Actual local time in Mandalay, Mandalay, Myanmar.

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The Coordinated Universal Clock ( "UTC") is the global clock and clock control system. She succeeds Greenwich MeanT ("GMT"). Since 1972, UTC has been the worldwide widespread norm. Used in many technological areas, such as the aerospace and meteorology industries, it is also used for synchronizing times over network.

The 000000 - plus/minus signs (+) followed by a four-digit period indicating the opening times of either of the two periods (00) or of the two periods (00). Displays the zero-minute and zero-hour differences of the zero-mercan. Zulu' abbreviation with GMT a 0:00 am offset:

Burma Ride-Hailing Startup Oway to raise $14.7 million to expand business

13.4.2018 - Myanmar's start-up Oway recently raised $14.7 million in its last round of financing to expand its operations. Oway Round shareholders were Daiwa PI Partners, International Finance Corporation (IFC), Belt Road Investment Group, NSI Ventures and Cambodia-Laos-Myanmar Development Funds II LP, a EMIA investment company.

Oway is the second Myanmar-based investor for Daiwa PI Partners, a Japanese Daiwa Securities Group affiliate, after Frontiir, an ISP. It has acquired a $5 million interest in Oway and anticipates that Myanmar's increased need for on-line travelling and riding railing as a result of the rising prosperity of the country's rich and diverse population, as well as changes in lifestyle and ambitions.

The Oway was established in 2012 by Nay Aung, a Myanmar citizen who had previously worked for Google and Blue Lithium. The company, located in Yangon, started to offer on-line tour offers, but later in 2017 dared to enter the RideHailing world. The commissioning in November 2017 is also the first license holder of a three-wheeled cab driver in Mandalay.

Oway intends to use the funds from this latest round of investments to extend its existing servicing networks in other areas and further extend its portfolio of products and solutions. Oway is preparing to introduce its portable applications, which will concentrate first on reservation flights and later on hotel and other facilities.

It is also planning to launch a Oway Pay payment system in the coming few month. In 2016, Oway last made an US$10 million capital expenditure by EMIA, IFC and the Northstar Group to support the Indonesian riding direction leader Go-Jek.

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