Myanmar used to be Called

Burma used to be called

Myanma (as translated from Burmese) is the literary, written name of the country. But when Burma was the most common name, we had this project called "Burma (Myanmar)" to capture less widespread Myanmar. The United Kingdom also uses this name for multilateral purposes. Most of the tracks were later pulled up and used for other purposes. Burma was formerly called Myanmar.

Are you supposed to say Myanmar or Burma?

Are you supposed to say Myanmar or Burma? Are we calling it "Burma" or "Myanmar"? Correct "Myanmar" to "Burma" on your Myanmar Visas, your Myanmar Duties or your Myanmar Foreign Trade Foreign Office and see what happens. Suu Kyi has always been able to conduct a poll, but 95% of the nation would not comprehend why, since the only name they know is "Myanmar" in Burmese.

That was even the term used in the 1947 preindependence Burma-speaking Constitution. Are you supposed to say Myanmar or Burma? The name Germany is Germany. There were other United States at different periods in America, among them Venezueal, Mexico, Brazil and Central America. President Marcos, dissatisfied with the name of his countrys foreigner, wanted to rename the Philippines and asked the France embassador what he thought of the notion.

"It is difficult to think of a land with a clearer French name than France, and yet it has a new name. Would you rather call them "Burmese" or "Myanmarians"? Burma is what the premier, whom they have imprisoned for 20 years, called it.

It too sanctioned the massacre of minority nationalities. But I do accept that it is more important to concentrate on the countrys own economic growth than on what name to use. Likewise cases of politically driven changes of the name of countries are the "Plurinational State of Bolivia" and the "Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela".

From 1889 to 1967 the name of Brazil was United States of Brazil and since then Federal Republic of Brazil, but all Brazilians always called it Brazil. México is also formally the United States of Mexico, but nobody mentions Mexico in this way. Airportnames are particularly useable.

Río de Janeiro had an international airfield called "Galeão" (GIG for short). His name was transformed into AIRJ a few years ago: International Airfield of Rio de Janeiro and AIRJ-Antonio Carlos Jobim (ACJ is a popular Brasilian songwriter). Nevertheless, aside logics and affection, the baggage trailers still relate to GIG and are still referred to as the "Galeão" area.

It is the name of the area around the airfield, where a galley was constructed in the XVII c. by a mighty and aggressive portugese gover.

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