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Burma's diplomatic missions in the United States and their respective consular districts. Calling Myanmar from the USA or Canada:. Consulate General of Myanmar @ Los Angeles USA. Myanmar's online shopping is growing, which is one of the reasons why the number of parcels shipped from the US to Myanmar is increasing. The United States to Myanmar:

The US is calling on Myanmar to take action against Rohingya.

"North Rakhine state is an ethnical purge against the Rohingya," US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in a declaration in which he used a phrase he eschewed during his visit to Myanmar, also known as Burma, last weekend. "The United States will also prosecute the accountsability of US legislation, as well as possible "targeted sanctions" against those guilty of the allegations of abuse that have led tens of tens of thousands of Rohingya to neighboring Bangladesh, he said.

To some extent, the United States has changed its position to increase the pressures on Myanmar's junta and civil chiefs, who have divided powers over the past two years after having spent the last two dozen years in war. Law enforcement officials blamed Myanmar's armed forces for cruelties, which included killing, massive raping and incendiary acts, against Rohingya, a stateless man, during so-called eviction actions following the August 25th Rohingya fighter attack on 30 polices and a garrison.

Since the suppression that followed the insurgency attack, more than 600,000 Rohingya Muslims have escaped from the state of Rakhine in Myanmar, the Buddhist country with the largest population. "These mistreatments by some of Burma's armed and civilian personnel, as well as Burma's own police and civilian militia, have resulted in enormous hardship and displaced tens of millions of men, women criminals and kids from their homes," Tillerson said.

Myanmar's two-year administration, headed by Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, is the subject of fierce global condemnation for its reaction to the crises, even though it has no command over the commanding general with whom it has shared office. "It is not a fully under her command, but we are certainly relying on her to take the lead and also work with the civil administration and the army to tackle the crisis," a high-ranking US officer said to a teleconference with a report.

A second high-ranking US officer on the appeal said that the concept of "ethnic cleansing" is not clearly understood in US or US public policy and has no inherent concrete implications. "It is likely to generate more mistrust between the United States and Myanmar's army and administration and bring them nearer to China, Russia and its more dictatorial neighbors in Southeast Asia," he added.

A UN court sentenced former Bosnian serbian army commandant Ratko Mladic for the killing of genocides and humanity, massacre of Muslims in Bosnia and ethnical purge and detained him for his lifetime. A second US officer said Washington analyzed whether Myanmar had committed genocides or human ity violations, but did not make a decision and would take a while.

One senior UN officer in September described the action as a schoolbook case of "ethnic cleansing," but the United States had shunned the concept until Wednesday. WASH has tried to reconcile his wish to reconcile the civil rule in Myanmar, where it is competing for power with China, with his wish to blame the army for the abuse.

US civil servants also fear that the maltreatment of the Rohingya Islamic minorities could stir up extremism. A first US officer said Washington would work with Bangladesh and Myanmar to promote the volunteer return of Rohingya. Congress pressures for a stronger US reaction to the Rohingya crises rose before President Donald Trump's first trip to Asia this past month to participate in a Manila summits of South East Asia and Myanmar.

At the beginning of November, the US legislature suggested specific penalties and travelling limits for Myanmar's armed forces. The Amnesty International Legal Group demanded a full weapons embargo against Myanmar and specific funding for high-ranking Myanmar militaries.

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