Myanmar Update News today

Burma Update News Today

Find out why the latest news and comments on Myanmar. The Myanmar military says it's fighting fighters, not civilians. It is recommended that New Zealanders in Myanmar monitor the media for any developments that may affect the security situation. A resurgence of civil war, municipal conflicts and restrictions in the burgeoning print media call some short-term prospects into question. Women and girls Rohingya in northern Rakhine State, Human Rights Watch and Fortify Rights said today.

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Myanmar Update 2013 in detail

The Department of Political and Social Change of the Australian National University will once again be hosting the Myanmar/Burma Update conference on March 15 and 16, 2013. In all the long, harsh years of Myanmar's tyranny and pro-democracy struggle, the event looked for topics of relevance to the country's social, political and economic life. She has always tried to present an explicit "current analysis".

Over the years, the updates have also resulted in a long listing of releases. This year' s edition is particularly noteworthy with all the changes that have taken place in Myanmar since the last update in 2011. Several Myanmar, multinational and australalian scientists were asked to present their latest work on the democratization processes and further changes in politics, economics and society.

Burma Rohingya crisis: U.S. withdraw war support

United States withdraws Myanmar army support forces for treating its Islamic minorities Rohingya in Rakhine state. Myanmar's Foreign Ministry said it has also abandoned the refusals to allow Myanmar's army officers to go on a trip and is considering imposing financial penalties. Nearly one million Rohingya have escaped from Myanmar to Bangladesh, says Bangladesh's ambassador to the UN.

Myanmar's army says it's against fighters, not citizens. "It' s vital that all persons or bodies involved in horrors are brought to justice," the US State Department said. "expressions our deepest concerns about recent incidents in Myanmar's state of Rakhine and the violence and traumas suffered by Rohingya and other communities."

Rex Tillerson, US Secretary of State, said last weeks that his government had "blamed" Myanmar's junta for its action against the Rohingya Muslim minorities, and added that the US was "extremely concerned" about the situa-tion. Since the end of August, more than 600,000 fugitives have traversed the Myanmar frontier, Bangladesh's UN envoy said, and joined the 300,000 or so fugitives who had escaped previous atrocities.

Myanmar's junta sees the Rohingya as immigrant from Bangladesh, despite their generation-long population. She alleges that the Rakhine state police are fighting high-risk fighters after 12 police were murdered on 25 August. Myanmar's denial of Rohingya recognition "remains a hurdle " for any negotiation, said the Bangladesh embassador on Monday.

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