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Burma is taking new measures to encourage foreign investment. Will Myanmar end its discrete relations with North Korea? Myanmar's situation is heartbreaking. We' re all in our hotel now thinking about what the rest of the bike tour has to offer. An all-new travel fair will be launched in July this year to promote both entry and exit from Myanmar.

Muslims from Rohingya on the run from Myanmar are fighting for their lives in Bangladesh's shelters.

In the crowded Rohingya refugee centres in Bangladesh, a catastrophic humaneity is developing after the number of refugees in Myanmar has exceeded a quarter-million. Since the Myanmar Army began violent action against the Rohingya rebels at the end of August, the UN has corroborated that the number of refugees has now been put at 270,000.

While they are welcome in Bangladesh for the time being, the besieged agencies there just cannot handle the flow, and many are without nourishment, feed, water and lodging. Have a look in every way around the vast Kutupalong camps and the poverty looks back. Here, a few kilometers within Bangladesh, the Rohingya Muslims are protected from the force from which they escaped, but must once again struggle to survive.

Entire family, the ill, the wounded, the elderly and the new born babies are fighting for room, nutrition, water and accommodation. However, this undisclosed young woman begins her career without access to safe waters, sanitary facilities and much of what she needs to live. When they escaped, her dad Ali Johar said he couldn't get anything.

"Because some Buddhists came to Bangladesh two nights ago and cut down humans and burned down the homes in our town. The United Nations International Migration Agency reported a few short days ago that there was a lack of ground water in the area and, although more holes were bored, they were not able to cover it.

"Newcomers, some of them are two without supper, others three without supper," he said. "The UN said last night that 270,000 Rohingya have escaped from Myanmar since the beginning of the army's attack on 25 August. "I' m worried we have to be prepared for many more," said Shinni Kubo, UNHCR Bangladesh Counsel.

" For a long time refused nationality and fundamental freedoms, Rohingya rebels "attacks on the policemen last months resolved the Israeli defeat in Rakhine state. Myanmar's Buddhist minority said its secret services are conducting a legitimacy based political offensive in reaction to the attack on the NCP. Myanmar's Nobel Peace Laureate and State Councillor Aung San Suu Kyi has been severely criticized around the world for not overtly acknowledging the Rohingya's destitution.

The United States said the latest trends were" worrying" over night, but asked about the possibilities of penalties, Patrick Murphy said the US wanted to work with Myanmar to alleviate the problem. Eight more Rohingya settlements in the state of Rakhine were burned down over night, and fumes were seen from the frontier.

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