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Mon Independent News Agency (IMNA). Lucky draw by Myanmar's newest telecommunications operator offers free service in violation of industry rules, says the regulator. A protester was quoted by the AFP news agency as saying it was a reaction to the events in Rakhine. Myanmar has asked Bangladesh to withdraw troops from the border. Leverage Myanmar's growing growth.

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Burmese forces open fire on attacked cavalry | News

The Myanmar troops opened fire on the escaping Rohingya civilists - mostly wives and kids - as they tried to overcome the Bangladesh frontier and avoid increasing levels of force. An AFP news agency journalist at the Ghumdhum frontier station in Bangladesh on Saturday scored more than a decade of grenades and innumerable machineguns shot by Myanmar's Myanmar police in the surrounding mountains at a large group of Rohingya who were desperate to overtake them.

Someone was not immediately aware of being struck, but the civil population dispersed to escape the dam. "They' re shooting at a group of citizens, mostly wives and kids, who have been hidden in the hilly areas near the zero line," said Border Guard Bangladesh's (BGB) head of ward Manzurul Hassan Khan. "All of a sudden, they shot machineguns and rounds with mortars, aiming at the civilian population.

"We' ve got video from the floor and can pass it on if you want to confirm that this message is true," she said. "Burma's army, along with the Rakhine militia armored with blades, weapons, swords, machete and rifles, is assaulting the unarmed and unarmed Rohingya people. "The Rohingya Muslims who escaped the Myanmar violent situation were captured on the Bangladesh frontier when new battles broke out in the troubled Rakhine state.

On Friday, the fighting between the police and the Rohingya insurgents began, killing at least 92 men, 12 of whom were military personnel, and force civil personnel to escape. "A lot of Rohingya folks are trying to get into the land, but we have a zero-tolerance policy - no one will be allowed," said Mohammad Ali Hossain, acting commissar of Cox's Bazar Districts near the Myanmar frontier, Reuters news agency.

Mohammad Nur - a Rohingya guide in an unlisted warehouse in Cox's Bazar - telephoned the AP news agency later Saturday that he said he had overheard about 100,000 Rohingya had assembled along the frontier to try to arrive in Bangladesh. On Saturday, there was a gun fire in the north of Rakhine state as the conflict between the two sides on.

One AFP journalist at the crime site said several hundred Rohingya made it across the open frontier on Saturday morning when frontier guards were relieved by the torrential rains and some swam across the Naf riverbank. Two Rohingya men who had been killed in Myanmar came to Bangladesh and were taken to an ambulance.

In Bangladesh already several hundred thousand Rohingya migrants and 87,000 have entered the country since October 2016, after an rebel raid killing nine members of the guard and leading to a serious crack-down in the state of Rakhine. Myanmar's de facto head Aung San Suu Kyi strongly "condemned" the "brutal terrorist assaults on Rakhine state personnel" on Friday.

"Aung San Suu Kyi said: "I want to praise the members of the law enforcement and safety services who have been very courageous in the face of many of our threats. While the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) alleged that it was responsible for Friday's attack in a Twitter mail, it did not give the number of victims or the number of combatants on it.

The Myanmar Armed Services were accused of killing and raping and said on Friday that they had taken "defensive measures" in more than 25 different places. Watchers fear that the recent assaults will provoke an even more violent reaction by the military and cause confrontations between Muslims and Buddhist rakhines. "Yanghee Lee, the UN report on Myanmar's humanitarian situation, said on Twitter.

Rohingya Muslims are refused Myanmar nationality and are considered to be Bangladeshi illegals, although they have had their origins in the area for hundreds of years. Approximately 1. 1 million Rohingya are living in Myanmar. Maltreatment of the Rohingya Muslims, often referred to as the most prosecuted minorities in the hemisphere, has turned out to be the most controversial question of Myanmar's humanitarian law, as it marks the passage from decade-long warlordship.

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