Myanmar Umbrella

Burmese Umbrella

For the people of Myanmar, an umbrella is essential to protect us from the sun and rain and can be used not only in dry but also in wet weather. Classy, strong, colourful traditional umbrellas from Myanmar are still widely used today. Hti, a Burmese word for umbrella, is the name of the final ornament that towers above almost all Burmese pagodas.

Sun umbrellas and umbrellas in Myanmar

Myanmar's inhabitants need an umbrella that will protect us from the elements and can be used not only in humid, but also in all weathers. An umbrella sheet can withstand damp conditions, but an umbrella cannot. Sunshades and sunshades can be seen in many places in Myanmar, they serve to enhance natural beauties and shelter.

You can often see colorful umbrellas on the beaches. Accompanying it are bluewater, whitish sands, bluesky skies and cocos. This sunshade is made of fine designed sunshade with an artful feel. Myanmar has many types of umbrellas, mainly known as whitish umbrellas, gold umbrellas, Shan umbrellas and Pathein umbrellas.

Myanmar has three renowned sunshade manufacturing locations: Mandalay, Pathein and Pindaya. The Eindawya umbrella from Mandalay was well known in settlement times for its sturdy framework that was completely sheltered from the outdoors. However, they were progressively superseded by advanced imports with steel frames and stainless steel blades.

The Mandalay sunshade manufacturers were said to have relocated to Pathein in the Danube area after the end of the state. To this day, various sunshades are produced in Pathein. Traditionally, in Burma, white umbrellas are mainly used for Buddha and renowned older people. Composed of a wood grip, an Iron or BAMBO O-ring and a sheet of blank clothing.

The eight shades of burgundy were used as regal ornaments for the Myanmar kings. They are used at the noviciation ceremonies and also at the burial of the donator of the monastery, the office and the monks. They are made of wood handles, trellis and clothing covered with leaf-glass.

Shan State sunshades are mainly used for shading sun-drenched shores, parks, restaurants as well as hotel rooms. It' made of bamboos, parts of woods and sheet of shan-paper. At the foot of the Pindaya caves, the village inhabitants still produce hand-made wallpaper from the mulberry tree rind and awning. The framework is made of timber and boamboo, but the sheet of the umbrella is used by her hand-made pap.

You applied some papermaking fluid to make the sheet watertight. The majority of convents and monasteries still use them. Sunshade design is still a favourite for beautification and decor. That is why we wish that the sunshade's ability to remain at the hearts of those who love it.

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