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However, make no doubt that UFOs are real, physical objects that cross our universe. Burma, Innovo Shipping & Logistics Company Limited. UK, UFO Head Office. Myanmar, sites especulam que pode ser de origem extra-terrestre, autoridades estão confusas. He was found by a soldier in Myanmar, Burma.

Huge UFO Falls from the Sky in Myanmar (PHOTO)

An enormous metallic piece of furniture was falling from the skies into a distant part of Myanmar's north area. The homes trembled and the scent of fire filled the atmosphere. Un-identified metallic objects arrived near the town of Lone Khin in the hilly Kachin state around 6 a.m. on November 10, the Myanmar Times reports.

It tore through the awning of a working man there, although no one was found to have been wounded in the event. "Maung said in the Myanmar Times that every native thought it was the blast of powerful cannon. It is about 12 ft long and has a five-foot circumference, and while preliminary accounts suggest that it was part of a turbojet machine, other options were not excluded.

Myanmar's Myanmar authorities have not formally ID'd the object and will await the results of their expert before doing so, according to a story. "The Myanmar Times, Assistant Secretary of the Kachin State Administration, U Zaw Myo Nyunt, said. "that it was part of an airplane or a rocket."

A former member of Myanmar's Ministry of Aviation said, however, that the pictures he has seen of the property look more like a missile repeater than something from a merchant aircraft. It also points out that Myanmar's huge neighbour, China, took its Long March rocket 11 into orbit on 9 November with satellite and other satellite outfits.

Cosmic junk is a periodic and foreseeable outcome of orbiting. Another article alleges that a seperate metallic piece with Mandarin letters has fallen through the top of a neighboring building. The BBC scientific journalist Jonathan Amos says the building is similar to the part of a missile known as a play.

usaclassified: Extra-terrestrial observations on moon and mars discovered

SITE UFO CRASH: What is the huge top hat that ended up near a town in Myanmar? Natives described the stinking top-hat with a "biting" odor, and the officers must still be able to recognize the mysterious item. Alien's boat, or did man make outer- space wreck? Nobody was hurt when the mysterious Kachin, Myanmar, property fell into the silt.

Myanmar Times said Ko Maung Myo: And we saw the fumes from our village." The Daily Star Pictures will bring you the most secretive pictures of peculiar items on the moon and Mars. Do you have a fix on these alien targets? There were allegedly signs of the smaller pieces of iron that struck the building, which led to proposals that the huge building was part of a China warship.

Cosmic artefacts of only 35 meters in length, such as e.g. the asteroid, are cautioned not to bundle enough energy to "wipe out" London.

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